What's happened to PCA ?

  Drum 16:49 31 Dec 2011

  lotvic 16:51 31 Dec 2011

It's here. A little tipsy perhaps but then it is New Years Eve ;-)

  Drum 16:53 31 Dec 2011

..........Don't know what happened there, jumped the gun.......anyway, haven't been here for a while, but now as soon as I visit the Helproom main page I get blasted with Muzak ?????????????? The adds were/are pretty bad, but why music as well?

  onthelimit1 18:32 31 Dec 2011

Really? Nothing here (or even hear!).

  tullie 18:37 31 Dec 2011

No probs here

  iscanut 19:08 31 Dec 2011

Have never heard music on the site !!!!

  Armchair 19:25 31 Dec 2011

The music is irritating, and I don't actually know which advert it's emanating from, lol.

  lucky1 19:56 31 Dec 2011

Get the music on the laptop but not when using this new tablet!

  Drum 11:52 01 Jan 2012

Thanks for all your comments. Yes, I only seem to get on my W7 Vaio laptop as well,not on my main PC running the lovely WXP! Why would that be? It's easy enough to mute on the laptop, but it's really deranged Muzak with crackly noise in it as well. It must be emanating from one of the ads, can't find which, but do these people realise how negative some advertising can be?

For example, I would never ever buy a Toshiba device, after being brainwashed several hundred times some years ago with their awful advert .....here Tosh, got a Toshiba, ....here Tosh, got a Toshiba, ....etc etc. Did my ed in.

  mooly 13:29 01 Jan 2012

Quote, "What's happened to PCA ?

Think we have all been wondering that lately.

And the music is an unneccessary intrusion.

  lotvic 13:58 01 Jan 2012

Drum, negative advertising - I'm the same about those safe..yle DbleGlazing ads where that/various idiots shout at you.

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