whats happened ??

  Shanklemeister 09:54 28 Mar 2005

Recently I installed avg anti virus and sygate firewall, with these up and running it crippled my system (only a pentium 2) so I have now un-installed them. Now my system is extremely slow and disconnects me frequently (dial up) were before I installed these it was very quick and reliable, anyone got any ideas as to what is wrong or what is needed, thanks in advance...

  Paranoid Android 10:48 28 Mar 2005

This is a bit hit and miss, but it could be a mistake to assume that the problem with your connection is directly related to the removal of the software. There could be a link, but don't be too hasty and don't discount other options. With a P2 it doesn't take much to bring a system to its knees.

I would begin with an online virus scan and malware scan.

Then I would thoroughly defrag the hard disk (removing two deeply embedded apps may have been the final straw).

You could delete the windows swap file, whish is usually missed by defragmenters (do it in DOS) - it will be re-created when you re-start windows.

If all else fails, you may have to re-build the OS from scratch. IF you do, use applications that are of the time your PC was build - office 95 instead of XP for example - to avoid bloating.

If you want a simple antivirus program which runs well on older systems, try Antivir Personal Edition (search Google). Don't worry too much about a firewall on a dial-up system, at least for now.

If you need help with any of these suggestions, post back.

Good luck


  Shanklemeister 11:48 28 Mar 2005

thanks for the info mate, ill run the virus check asap. Just a quick few questions, how do you defrag the hard disk ?

My system is running windows 98 SE, I have the disk and license etc

If after this it is still the same how do un install windows , is it done in the same way as I deleted , the firewall etc

Thanks again

  Paranoid Android 22:08 28 Mar 2005

Hi there.

Running defrag is pretty easy. There is an option in programs - accessories - system tools called Disk Defragmenter. Or there are a number of third party utilities to do the same job, try searching Google.

If it hasn't been done for a while expect it to take some time, eg overnight.

Windows cannot be 'uninstalled' as such - you get rid of it by re-formatting the hard disk, which is irreversible and NOT something you do lightly. In particular you will need copies of all your apps and games, and all device drivers. I recommend try all other avenues first and then come back for advice if needed.


  Buchan 35 22:42 28 Mar 2005

Guten abend mein freund, I too have a pentium 11 and i`ve not had a single problem with it since I loaded WinXP SP2. I`m not saying you should do that, just looking at other options. How much RAM have you got? What is the size of your CPU? and HDD? If these figures are low you could have problems. One other thing is the Temporary Internet File. Empty it now. Start<control panel<Internet options, delete cookies and also delete files. That should help a bit.

  Shanklemeister 09:06 29 Mar 2005

thanks guys will do asap...

system is 450mhz , 128 mb ram, 6gb hd

  p;3 09:40 29 Mar 2005

you may well find you will need to run scan disc in simple mode (as opposed to thorough mode ) first before you defragment; both are found in start/programs/accessories/system tools; and if you press "show detail" when you have opened defragmet, you can see how fast, or not, it is progressing; to help IT to run , close all other programs via ctrl/alt/del which will bring up a box showing all your present running programs; you will need to reboot after that to get all the closed programs back up and running ;

also, you might find it useful to have a gander at this thread of F.E."s click here

for some guidance on how to more appropriately title your thread; it helps to know a bit more about the basic issue (e.g."system running very slow and disconnecting ?why? ")

and what Antivirus protection have you now got on there?

  jack 10:11 29 Mar 2005

I can say the Paranoids advice is sound to those of you running older hardware,
Load programs if its era, putting the 'latest' of anything on is a sure fire way to reduce it and its owner to a frustrated wreck.

  Buchan 35 18:17 29 Mar 2005

Sorry about delay in getting back. After you`ve done as p;3 and Paranoid suggest could you get back and let us know what`s happened. I`d consider doubling my RAM too depending on what the motherboard can take.

  Alan H E 18:34 29 Mar 2005

Am running AVG7 with 128mb and no problem. If you really want a firewall then why not use Zone Alarm it works fine with AVG on my machine. Have just downloaded Diskeeper Lite and the defrag was much quicker.

  Alan H E 18:36 29 Mar 2005

PS use disc cleanup in Accessories >system tools and clear everything.

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