What's a good booster?...

  martjc 16:24 11 May 2006

...Using a Safecom wireless modem/router. A computer in the next room having a Belkin wireless cardseems to work fine but shows a signal level of about halfway up. It cannot access internet.
The house has quite thick brick walls.

Q1. Do I need a booster?

Q2. What's a good one - not too pricey?

  martjc 17:41 11 May 2006

...The machine can see the router's SSID, but still no net connection.

Any help out there...please?

  ade.h 20:49 11 May 2006

Try experimenting with placement. I'm using a standard 802.11g router in a house with solid walls (they were built properly in the `30s!) and I get the maximum signal and handshake speed pretty anywhere in the house. It can be done, though I managed it purely by chance!

  ade.h 20:51 11 May 2006

And regarding the lack of internet connection specifically; you have created the necessary permissions in your client firewall, yes? (It's possible that the signal may actually be good enough).

  martjc 08:40 12 May 2006

...There is a laptop which connects with no problems from the next room. Will try placement and look at the routers software.
Any more advice???

  ade.h 13:11 12 May 2006

That would depend on which client firewall (or firewalls) you use. I use Kerio on all my PCs and that has network permissions that look like this click here. What firewall do you run on the working laptop, is it the same as the one on the problem laptop, and if so, are they configured identically?

I would still be primarily looking at the placement, if it were not for the fact that another laptop connects okay.

  martjc 20:41 12 May 2006

...the one hardwired in the router. None on the separate machines. The problem machine is a desktop with pci wifi card. The laptop seems fine and did not require any special setup procedure. Simply plopped in the USB card and searched for available networks. It was then able to log on and access internet.
The desktop doesn't seem to be able to do anything through the router.

BTW. thank you for staying with me on this and sorry about th time between the replies!

  martjc 13:20 14 May 2006


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