Whats going on ? been redirected?

  jospar 22:45 23 May 2003

It's a wired world out there!

Just had a mungle at my postings, next thing I know I'm being redirected to ugo.com and according to them there's no Matrix out there!!!!!

Thats all I got every time I tried to get back here I was off again, strange but true.

Has anybody got knowledge of whats gong on here?

Had to completely come of the net and relog back on! I think I will give it another try just to find out if theis going to happen again?

  The Spires 22:49 23 May 2003

It is friday night after all. click here

  jospar 23:31 23 May 2003

It did it again?

This time I went the senic route, pass the how to enable cookies, not welcome on this server?

Is it a full moon out there or something?

The spires good one that, put a smile on my face, shall go to bed a happy bunny!

Proberly answered my own question there, I've been on the go since 5 this morning, so proberly over tired, proof reading this showed loads of spelling mastakes, properly some still here and there, but who care,

and tomorrow the start of a manmonth task, starting to organise over 80 years of family photgraphs to burn onto cd, I wish I kept quite, but must admit it is interesting, but when you come from a large family like mine, there one hell of a album! but there again my brother-in-law, has just complete a faimly tree on mum side its taken him aprox 4 years (so far) and he's manage to confirm at least 32 generation going back to a sir de tervarne from the devon cornish border, in 1012, and loads of properables, but not quite enough evidence to make a assumption on. could I say No?

  -pops- 05:57 24 May 2003

Hope you didn't drive home.

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