Whats going on?

  Maryp 12:12 26 Jul 2009

I've got a wireless laptop with Vista, and a desktop with XP, the printer is connected to the desktop.
My internet connection works fine, and I can see shared files from both on the each computer.
But sometimes the printer will work from the laptop but sometimes wont. I've tried switching off the firewall but it doesn't help.
What else could it be?

  Maryp 12:36 26 Jul 2009

A bit more info if it helps, I've only just set this up a few days ago. Day before yesterday I got the printer to work, yesterday it didn't again so I fiddled with different things and got it working again, but today its not working, but I cant remember what I changed and cant do it again.

  mgmcc 12:43 26 Jul 2009

Have a look at the instructions click here for setting up a "Network Printer" in Vista. If necessary, set it up again from scratch.

  Maryp 15:42 26 Jul 2009

I cant connect the printer to the laptop as its a parralel port conection, not usb.

  mgmcc 16:28 26 Jul 2009

If the printer connects via a Parallel port, it may be a fairly old model. Do you actually have *VISTA* drivers for it?

If so, you should still be able to install the software even if it can't be physically connected to the Vista laptop. Then go through the procedure to install it as a "network printer".

  Maryp 16:38 26 Jul 2009

But seeing as it has worked on 2 occasions, doesn't that mean the drivers would be ok, its just not set up properly? The printer is about 2 years old.

  mgmcc 20:16 26 Jul 2009

It *DOES NEED* to have drivers installed and you might get away with installing the XP ones in Vista.

Alternatively, Vista may already have drivers for your particular printer in its own driver database. If this is the case, install it with those drivers. Then install it as a "network printer" and ensure that it [the network printer] is using the same drivers with which you installed it as a "local" printer. You should actually have two printers installed - the "local" one and the "network" one.

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