What's this DPI all about?

  sorefingers 22:38 24 Apr 2003

...my Epson 880 will only print at 1,400 & 2,800 dpi or so I understand, so why do experts tell you that a good photo will result when using 300 dpi..or even less!...HELP!!

  PA28 22:42 24 Apr 2003

Try at various resolutions and use what you're happy with. Different brands of printer use different technologies and sizes of inkjet bubbles and can produce simarly results at vastly differing (apparent) DPI settings. The one tning that is certain is that a 300dpi will print a lot faster than one at 1200dpi - and probably won't look that different.

  bloo meeny 22:43 24 Apr 2003
  DieSse 00:55 25 Apr 2003

The average monitor, 17", is around 12.5" across - at the average resolution of 1024 pixels acrosss, gives a dpi of 82.

I've seen people refer to a screen when trying to assess how good a printout is in comparison - without realising the printout is far higher dpi than the screen!

So you see, there's more to how good pictures look than just dpi. Number of colours, ink droplet size (variable nowadays)and how the droplets are blended is also very important.

If you want to be really confused, look at the definitions for publishing given near the end of this page click here

  DieSse 02:06 25 Apr 2003

Thanks - truly excellent site

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