What's the difference in these two?

  Rizlo 00:18 13 Aug 2009

Intel (R) celeron (R) m cpu 420 @ 1.60 GHz 224 MB of RAM

And this, plus can you explain the difference?

intel (R) core(tm)2 CPU T5200 @ 1.60GHz.1.60Ghz 0.99GB of RAM

  Night Ryder 00:46 13 Aug 2009

The core 2 processor is a single package containing two processores running at 1.60Ghz.
It will share PC processes thereby speeding up youre PC.

You must have the right socket on youre Motherboard to accomodate however.

  Quiet Life 13:30 13 Aug 2009

Celerons are low level processors with a small level 2 cache and are to be avoided.

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