whats the difference between LCD and plasma?

  GEEKSTA 18:03 29 Oct 2006

whats the OVERALL difference between LCD and plasma TV? Please no busy bodies telling me about the science of it, just the overall.

  ed-0 18:11 29 Oct 2006


plasma is crap. LCD gives a better picture.

" The secret to plasma technology lies between the two thin panels of mounted glass found within the screen. The panels are comprised of networks ......... "

Oh, you didn't want any of that, did you.

  GEEKSTA 18:14 29 Oct 2006

thats no problem. Ive heard that plasma have got better colour compared to LCD?

  ed-0 18:26 29 Oct 2006

All the plasma's I have seen have been blocky, pixulated ( is that a word )

I don't seem to find this on a LCD screen. The LCD I'm using at the moment is a philips WXGA LCD with pixel plus 2. This gives digital TV nearly High Definition qualities.

Absolutely wipes the floor with the plasma we used to have.

  Stuartli 18:36 29 Oct 2006


click here

click here

click here

click here

Plenty more, but basically similar.

  woodchip 18:40 29 Oct 2006

The main difference is, that a LCD will us a lot less power. But Picture wise it's a better picture on a plasma TV but they do use in the order of 1/2Kw to run that’s half of a one bar fire

  woodchip 18:42 29 Oct 2006

PS you do need to check them out side by side to make sure when you pay that kind of money out as both types have good and Bad TV's

  Stuartli 18:53 29 Oct 2006

I have a friend who has three large screen TVs in his home, both LCD and plasma, up to 42in.

A Philips plasma set hung on his dining room wall featuring PixelPlus delivers first class pictures; equally good is a 42in Toshiba LCD which is truly superb on HD transmissions.

  Fingees 18:54 29 Oct 2006

You cannot get such high definition on a plasma.
Although Plasma hype suggests you can.

The fact that each pixel cell is glass encapsulated,proves the point.

also a plasma screen has to be 100% to even work properly. hence the price of insurance protection.

A few duff pixels on a LCD particularly if they get changed to black, won't even notice.

  thospot 19:04 29 Oct 2006


I have just bought a 42" Plasma after a lot of deliberations and study and the picking of other peoples brains..

There are lots of people including some of the more prominent people on this forum that suggest that Plasma isn't worth buying.

Look in the achives and you will find phrases like "wouldn't touch Plasma with a barge pole" etc.

Don't beleive it...

There is no choice if you want to go bigger that 40"... I think that only Philips make a 42" LCD. That is mainly because of the pixalation problem.. With Plasma you can go over 50" with no problems if you wanted.

I did have a 42" Samsung delivered three weeks ago but I didn't like the quality of the picture so I sent it back. The dark parts were a little bit too dark for my likings. But even so the picture was a hundred times better than any tele that I have ever owned.... I hve now got a Pioneer and the picture is perfect...

I think that most of the objections to Plasma comes from a couple of years or so ago when they didn't have a good name but things have changed now.

I was told by an engineer just a week ago that it is now LCD that are playing catchup to Plasma.

I have only seen the differences in the shops because I have not owned an LCD but I think you will find that they are both very good televisions and I don't think you will go wrong witchever type you choose.. Certainly, do not let people put you off buying a Plasma..

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:18 29 Oct 2006

A friend of mine recently bought a 42" plasma tv. The picture is bright with strong colour but, the definition is abysmal, so much so it looks blurred compared to my Phillips lcd.

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