whats the difference between...

  woofwoofbark 19:27 05 Jun 2004

... disc optimazing and disc defragmenting ??

  Fruit Bat 19:32 05 Jun 2004

probably not alot

Defragging is lining up files for faster access (this is because a file can be split all over your drive).

Optimizing probablly does a disk check for bad / damaged sectors and a defrag

  Dorsai 19:45 05 Jun 2004

defragging just makes sure each file on the HDD is 'in one place'. think of a file as a chapter in a book. this chapter occupies more than one page. A defragged drive has all the pages for the chapter one after the other, in the right order, so that the first page is first, the second page second and so on.

An optomised drive sorts the order the files are on the disk, as well as making sure that they are all int one place. so that chaper one is first, chapter two second and so on.

This means that files read often are at the front, where they are quick to get to, files that are hardly ever used are at the end, where it takes a long time to get to. Files that are modified lots (Ie made bigger/smaller) and folders which change a lot (such as temp and temporary internet-stuff) are next to the unused space, so that the extra space they need when they get bigger is near them, and the free space left when they are made smaller is next to the rest of the free space.

hope this helps

  stalion 20:30 05 Jun 2004

they are both the same windows calls it de-frag and norton calls it optimnising

  stalion 20:34 05 Jun 2004

that should be optimising

  Pesala 20:39 05 Jun 2004

If you want to be pedantic, defragmenting means making files contiguous, whereas optimising also sorts the files to a position where they can be accessed more quickly. In the old days of PC Tools, one could choose from various sort orders for the files on the drive.

I suspect that all defrag tools also optimise the drive, perhaps some do so better than others.

  woodchip 20:44 05 Jun 2004

Optimizing as it reorders the file you use most to the front

  Dorsai 22:43 05 Jun 2004

pesala's probably about right. These days defraggers probably optimise a bit too.

however an optimiser is the better option. who wants all the stuff who never want easy to get at while all the suff you want is hard to find?

  end 22:47 05 Jun 2004

mine "rearranges the programmes " and " checks the drives for errors" , so ???same as optimising" and defraging or??????

(win 98 se)

  Dorsai 11:35 06 Jun 2004

Microsoft could call it a 'Tomato' if they wanted to. If it re-arranges the files for faster access then it is optimising them. just because microsoft call it 'de-fragmenter'..........

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