whats the difference athlon 64 or athlon 64 x2

  stephen0205 13:01 03 Jul 2007

Hi there im building a new pc for my son and he wants an amd processor and i have no clue with these, i use intel ones, so whats the difference between the following processors.

amd athlon 64
amd athlon 64 x2
amd athlon fx

and whick would be better for a gaming pc??


  crosstrainer 13:23 03 Jul 2007

The difference between the 64 and 64x2 spec is that the x2 variety is effectively 2 cpu's on one die. I run a dual core fx cpu and it does give a boost in performence, particularly in games.

The 64 refers to 64 bit instruction set support. There are 64 bit versions of Windows available, but hardware vendors have been slow to provide driver support for the 64 bit enviornment. The 64 bit cpu's are, however totally compatible with 32 bit Windows which is what most of us are running at present.

  Totally-braindead 16:00 03 Jul 2007

The fx are meant to be better than the dual core athlon 64 x2 but at a cost, as with all things.

I'm always looking for value for money and have been an AMD fan for years but with the prices of dual core processors as they are at the moment I would probably go for an Intel chip.

If you've already got a motherboard you are stuck but it depends on what processors your board can take and whether it is a newer AM2 board or an older socket 939 board. Mine for example is a socket 939 running a 3500 athlon 64 and because its socket 939 the best I can get at the moment is a 4400 dual core but because its an older socket version the 939 is much dearer than the new AM2.

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