What's the difference...

  al7478 21:24 12 Mar 2007

OK, ive had a good look around and im still a bit unclear on this, so its time i exposed my foolishness tou you all...again.

whats the difference between ad-aware type programmes and registry cleaners such as ccleaner?

  Joe R 21:26 12 Mar 2007

ad-aware type programmes rid your pc of spyware, malware etc, while registry cleaners, clean the accumulated junk that accrues in the windows registry.

  Fingees 21:43 12 Mar 2007

Ccleaner is not technically a registry cleaner, as it clears all sorts of junk, temp files cookies and the like.

Anti spyware rids the computer of any malware likely to send your info out to receive spam mail, and prevents key logging etc.

Fiewalls prevent unknown/unwanted programs from communicating with your computer, and only allow programs you select to have automatic access to the internet.

This may help you to understand.

  al7478 22:58 12 Mar 2007

Its interesting to know that ad-aware may protect me from keyloggers.

i recently downloaded a proramme specifically to prevent keyloggers. The result was a dreaded blue screen and i had to do a system restore, so i got shot of it.

  pac73 23:04 12 Mar 2007

Have you got Siteadvisor by Mcafee?Its a free program that tells you if the site your going to is safe or not.Have a look at Filehippo.com.I just thought it,d be a good program for you.I use it.

  al7478 23:10 12 Mar 2007

I'll investigate. luckily i rarely visit problem sites. this particular prog was linked to on wikipedia - a great site, but perhaps a bit too open to vandalism.

i downloaded 3 progs that day (2 of which were reg cleaners as it happens, but hey were lost in my system restore), so i cant be absolutely sure which prog caused the problem, but the one i accused above is the last in the 3 i installed, and the problem occured only a couple minutes after installation.

  De Marcus™ 23:15 12 Mar 2007

Site advisor is a waste ot time imo, and if you want a decent registry cleaner then google regscrub xp, as for ccleaner, it's a great all round program which cleans up internet explorer, firefox, redundant program files, recycle bin, etc, etc and saves the hassle of doing it manually.

  al7478 23:17 12 Mar 2007

or anyone else who feels like having a go lol - whats in the registry then, and why clean it?

  woodchip 23:20 12 Mar 2007

It's the Central Bank. Where all Configuration Settings for your Computer are kept

  skidzy 23:22 12 Mar 2007

If you decide to remove a program from your system,either by its own uninstaller or add and remove programs,it will leave behind obsolete registry entries...cluttering up your system and possibly cause conflicts with another program.
So running a registy cleaner every 2 weeks to a month should help look after your system.

The registry contains many files that execute your programs and run so much more....its a minefield to be honest.

  al7478 23:22 12 Mar 2007

Some reg cleaners can be a little harsh tho cant they? and do they really remove anything worth removing, unless you have used your pc for a very long time indeed?

i find ad aware often improves the speed of my pc too, even tho it slows down sometimes during scans, its faster afterward.

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