whats the difference .....

  woofwoofbark 16:29 24 Feb 2006

between SATA hard drives and IDE ?? I know my machine uses IDE , I have recently upgraded my capacity with an 80 gb IDE drive but when searching the net Ive noticed SATA drives ?? and was wondering what the difference is , can I add them to my system ?? and can I have SATA + IDE drives on my system together or .... ?

Anyway .... just curious ???



  mattyc_92 16:31 24 Feb 2006

SATA drives are a new interface for drives. It allows quicker transfers and you don't have a "ribbon-like" cable (refering to the IDE cables)

You can buy a "PCI SATA Controller Card" for your computer if your motherboard doesn't support SATA.

And yes, you can use IDE and SATA in one computer (and I, myself, do)

  Diodorus Siculus 16:32 24 Feb 2006

You can add sata drives to an older machine by getting a SATA PCI card but they also require a special power supply. Whether or not you have that depends on the age of your PSU.

Stick with IDE for an easy life till you are getting a new machine.

  chub_tor 16:35 24 Feb 2006

Sata is a serial connection currently capable up to 150 MegaBytes per second.

IDE otherwise known as ATA is a parrallel connection capable of up to 133 MegaBytes per second.

As you can see, SATA is slightly faster.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 24 Feb 2006

Pata/ Sata Connection
click here

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