Whats: C:\WINDOWS\system32\crypserv.exe

  Gaz 25 12:48 30 May 2004

This service is some licensing program...

Now it is in MSconfig under services as well.

Why is this on my machine? I have diabled it, no difference.

Is this a standard XP service or has it been installed by thrid party software?


  ste_bla 12:54 30 May 2004

Crypserv.exe is a SERVICE. It is in place to check security certificates of software that you install on your computer, and web pages.
There are users out there that think it may be used to watch for bootlegged software and pirated music/videos that are on your computer.
Maybe one day this may be true, but not now.
You can disable this service by going to administrative tools and then 'services'.
Scroll down and look for 'Crypkey license'. Right click go to properties and Stop the service, then choose 'Disabled' in the Start up type slot.
Click OK, close the Services window and thats it.

If you happen to download a program that has been hacked and embedded, and you go to install it, you will get NO warnings.

This service uses about 17K of system memory and holds an above normal priority.
No communication from this service to any external location exists.

It is a good idea to leave this service enabled, since it is harmless to the user.

from - click here

  Gaz 25 12:55 30 May 2004

Just checked another XP computer, and it doesnt exist?

  Gaz 25 12:56 30 May 2004

Well what the hell has installed this?

I dont have this on any other XP installation?

  Gaz 25 13:00 30 May 2004

Is it installed with..

Tweak XP?


Symantec Firewall?

  Gaz 25 13:01 30 May 2004

Only is its using high priority, then I dont want it on... I want my sytsem as low as possible on running services.

  pc moron 13:01 30 May 2004

Some info here click here

  Gaz 25 13:03 30 May 2004

I just found that as I saw your post.

I installed swish trial, yes.

AH, found it.... well I'm disabling for now.

  Old Shep 13:05 30 May 2004

Could be spyware if you do a Google search click here one that I looked at mentione Tweak xp

  Gaz 25 13:06 30 May 2004

Just shows you the stupid uninstaller thay have provided.

  Gaz 25 13:08 30 May 2004

I have virus scanner, and various spyware scanners, all up-to-date.

Its a license system to do with Swish Trial.

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