What's checking?

  Georgie68 09:14 29 Nov 2008

How can I find out what's running a check when I start my pc in the morning? It grinds and crunches for what seems like ages and makes all the applications I want to run, really slow. I haven't got any antivirus or spyware set to run a check on startup and it's really frustrating!

  iqs 09:20 29 Nov 2008

Check the StartUp folder in All Programs,also check StartUp In MSCONFIG (type MSCONFIG in run box).

You could always use this program that I use..click here

  hiwatt 11:01 29 Nov 2008

Richt click on the taskbar and click on task manager.Click on the processes tab and see what is that's using up your cpu.This will tell you what it is that's causing it.

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