What's causing the crashes?

  martjc 15:31 12 Sep 2005

On a pc about three years old there is an unfound problem - it first locks up having to be reset and re-booted. There seems to be no single thing that does it. I suspected the graphics driver (SiS) but have since downloaded a newer version. The stupid thing still locks up and has corrupted some system files. Now it won't start at all. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  martjc 15:44 12 Sep 2005


  Diemmess 15:47 12 Sep 2005

-Would like 2 bits of information for others to chew over as well.

Have you made any changes to hardware very recently, particularly your RAM?

Also please say which version of Windows you are using?

  martjc 16:37 12 Sep 2005

...using WinXP pro. By the way, where can I get my hands on some free diag software?

  ACOLYTE 17:15 12 Sep 2005

Does it do it in safe mode? as it sounds like there is somthing starting at boot that messes it up,if it starts in safe mode,it will more than likly be a boot up driver or program thats the culprit.

  wee eddie 17:29 12 Sep 2005

Have you given the Fans a blow out recently?

Do you have a regular Defrag and clear out of Temp files?

What AV, Firewall, and Pop-up Blocker, etc. are you using?

  JayDay 17:35 12 Sep 2005

Possibly heat. I had loads of probs over a few months. Games crashing, trouble burning some DVD's and finally crashing regualrly.

In the end I discovered my CPU was overheating. I fixed that and have had no problems since.

  martjc 18:25 12 Sep 2005

...Have used defrag and chkdsk. Checks out fine. Using Windows firewall, no pop up blocker. have run ad aware and spybot. I think heat may be a problem.

  citadel 19:16 12 Sep 2005

I had a faulty psu that caused all sorts of errors.

  martjc 08:28 13 Sep 2005

...I think I'll just replace parts until I ge it right.

  sattman 09:02 13 Sep 2005

It could be anything, and it may be a case of trying each item. Are you using a modem? if so consider it might be the problem. Disable or remove it and see if this helps.

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