What's the best way to transfer files to new PC?

  Bewildered! 11:15 30 Dec 2005

I haven't bought one yet but want to know the best way to transfer files to a new PC. I have a Packard Bell [email protected] running windows ME. Unfortunately the CD copier isn't working properly so I can't do it that way.

This is such a basic question for most of you but I am not so familiar with anything except using the PC.

  SG Atlantis® 11:17 30 Dec 2005

is it a large quantity of files?

You could always pull the hard disk out and install it as slave in the new machine?

  Bewildered! 11:22 30 Dec 2005

SG -

It's as if you are speaking a totally foreign language!

Firstly - the files are basically all my word documents. Emails. Photo's. To be able to save my settings and favourites in Firefox would be an advantage.

Secondly - I wouldn't know a hard disk to look at if it hit me in the face LOL, much less how to "pull it out"! As for installing? Also, I thought slavery was abolished, no?

  SG Atlantis® 11:24 30 Dec 2005

what's wrong with your cd writer as it will be the easiest method to use?

  SG Atlantis® 11:28 30 Dec 2005

click here

you could try something like this and then download your files when you have the new machine connected to the internet.

  Bewildered! 11:31 30 Dec 2005

Just doesn't recognise that there is a CD in the drive? Keeps asking me to insert one.

And before you say it.... Yes, I am putting one in. Have tried all sorts. Don't really want to have it repaired before I get rid of it though, that seems silly.

I hate computers and cars when they go wrong lol.

  jack 11:34 30 Dec 2005

If you do not want to get into technicalites then when you het your new PC purchase also a Flash drive/Pendriver - they are very cheap now and useful accessory to have any way.
Siomply plug it into the Old machine USB - Win ME should recognise it as a new drive with out any adding of drivers, tranfers you data file to drive - plug into hew machine Cut n Paste them in.
Repeat it until the job is done.
Bear in mind you can olny do this with Data Files
Not Programs they must be installed from the disk.

  Bewildered! 11:36 30 Dec 2005

That looks like just the job. I'd no idea that this was possible. Things have defititely moved on since I last bought a PC in 2000.

I feel like an old relic lol.

  Bewildered! 11:38 30 Dec 2005

My just the job comment was directed at SG Atlantis. But Jack's advice is also excellent. Thank you both. Wow - a choice!

  Bewildered! 11:40 30 Dec 2005

Jack - to do a search online and buy a Flash drive/pendriver, what do I look for?

  SG Atlantis® 11:40 30 Dec 2005

jack a pen drive never crossed my mind.

They are as cheap as chips now.

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