Whats the best way of storing Mp3s?

  will1 16:30 04 Nov 2005


Basically I am looking to rip about 300 cds onto my computer!

Whats the optimum way of ripping them and storing them.

I assume its best to rip them as mp3s (worse quality but smaller files), but can anyone recommend how to store them and play them!

Windows Media Player 10
Real Player

or Itunes


  BurrWalnut 16:43 04 Nov 2005

When I went through this exercise I ripped most of them as MP3s but some as WMAs as an experiment using WMP10. You will have to change the filename from, say, 'Track1' to 'Beatles - Yesterday'.

Also create a meaningful folder structure, e.g. Artists A, B, etc, or Rock, Classical, Bob Dylan.

Finally I put them on CDs, approx 200 tracks per CD. Use 'Data' format in either Nero or WinXP's built-in burner.

It's a tedious task but worth it as they play on my domestic DVD player and car CD player.

  c4rmo 16:45 04 Nov 2005

best way is to use a program called easy cd-da extractor and store them on a seperate 250GB + Hard drive

  will1 16:59 04 Nov 2005

Thanks for the info!


Is the point of storing them on a separate hard drive so if your computer crashes you've still got all your mp3s or is it so you don't take up space on your main hard disc?

Or both?

  recap 17:17 04 Nov 2005

will1, Both

  woodchip 17:19 04 Nov 2005

Program on PCA CD this month for Saving Restoring MP3

  holly polly 17:30 04 Nov 2005

personally i use nero with mp3 pro rip them to mp3 usually at a bitrate of 192 and then burn them to a dvd given that a cd usually holds around 700 mb of data and a dvd-r is usually around 4.7gb you can usually get around 6 full cds full of mp3s on a single dvd cuts down on the storage space though ripping 300 cds to mp3 assuming they are albums are going to take an eternity and is tedious 300 cds average say 20 tracks on each cd and you can see the task involved ,hope this helps.
regards-Hol Pol..

  will1 17:58 04 Nov 2005

The above

  ACOLYTE 18:54 04 Nov 2005

Using WMP 10 you shouldn't have to change the tracks from track 1 to the name of the track,at least i didn't just open WMP and select library,then all music and high light the lot right click a file and select "find album info"
then it will connect and name them for you,you may get more than one album choice depending on how many times the song has been featured on an album,but if you kn what album it comes from then its ok,if they are all singles it doesn't matter that much,it may take a while if you have a lot of mp3's but it does find them.

  Fellsider 20:59 04 Nov 2005

I use iTunes as it is 'one click' to rip cds and the library shows song title, artist, album and size. If you then want to produce your own compilation just select what you want and 'one click' burning.

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