What's the best way to Search here nowadays?

  polymath 21:38 16 Jan 2003
  polymath 21:38 16 Jan 2003

I used to get good results with the 2 separate keyword boxes, but since the single box appeared my trial & error hasn't worked. (apart from exact thread titles). What's the method?

Sorry to repeat what's been asked before. I would have checked again a long thread I saw the other day, about the subject. It's just that I can't find it!

  Lozzy 21:42 16 Jan 2003

When you figure it out please let the rest of us know

  Y2K_Phil 22:00 16 Jan 2003

The best way to search on most search engines is Bolean Logic

This uses some simple symbles to allow you to reduce your search down quickly.

For example
"internet explorer" +microsoft -outlook

This means i want to find the exact phrase INTERNET EXPLORER and the word MICROSOFT but exclude anything relateing to the word OUTLOOK,

If you search on google for "Bolean Logic" there are several web pages which give a full list of all the commands and symbls

Hope this helps

Just a quick thought not all search engines support this however most good ones do

IE:- Google, Yahoo ETC

  Installer. 22:21 16 Jan 2003

Tried searching for this thread using various methods.

."whats the". nothing found

."best way". nothing found

.best way. and nothing found

finally .whats the. and found thread

. not actually used in search.

  polymath 22:28 16 Jan 2003

Sorry, Y2K-Phil. I forgot to mention that I'd tried some Boolean stuff here, based on known thread titles, with no luck. But thank you for the reply.

I've just tried some different Boolean combinations, again with no luck. I understand others have tried too - I can't find the threads, but don't think it worked for them either.

Could the Editor maybe put some guidelines somewhere (where they could be found!)? However limited the Search has had to become, we'd at least know what not to try.

  polymath 22:34 16 Jan 2003

Interesting result, Installer! Did you get many, searching for What's the? Wonder what computing category they'd fit in.

  jazzypop 23:44 16 Jan 2003

Sadly, I posted this same question 8 days ago - we have still not had a reply from PCA.

Isn't it ironic that there are more and more repeated threads, because people can't find previous threads and answers?

Perhaps this is the thread you saw recently - click here - or maybe this - click here - or maybe this - click here - or maybe this - click here

  watchful 07:01 17 Jan 2003


  €dstow 08:58 17 Jan 2003

I still fail to understand why "the management" seem unable to make a reasoned response. My own feeling is that someone at PCA has made a big time cockup in the revamp of the search facility and they are now unable to get anything back that searches other than the first word of a thread.

I may be wrong but if I am, or even if I am not, why doesn't PCA come back and explain? After the length of time since jazzypop's first enquiry on this, together with this thread, and the deafening silence in any answer makes it appear that PCA just don't care.

Whatever palliative may be made by PCA now cannot alter the fact that they have not responded to a reasonable request to tell users how to use a facility which they themselves try to encourage at the header of the pages with "Search the discussion archive. Your question may already have been answered!"

As has been said a number of times, the way of using the search facility, if indeed, there is one, remains hidden for most users. This alone makes it useless. If it doesn't work then why not remove it, and all reference to it, so that there is no build up of false hopes of finding a solution there.


  watchful 10:47 17 Jan 2003


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