Whats the best way to have an additional seperate

  hawthorn59 20:22 09 Jul 2009

I hope the question title isnt confusing...let me explain..

I have 2 email accounts at the moment, with Windows Mail. I want to open another one but would like it totally seperate, as its a small project I want to keep on ita own etc.

I was thinking firstly of opening an online account, with .gmx.com but am worried there is no backup of my emails.

Is it possible to use another email programme eg Thunderbird or Eudora, and just have my one new email account on this, or would it interfere with my Windows Mail accounts when retrieving messages at the server?

Or is gmx.com totaly secure?



  Terry Brown 20:27 09 Jul 2009

Why not open a GMail account, as the emails are kept on the server, and only delete when you remove them from your computer.

yahoo do a similar option.

  Sea Urchin 21:12 09 Jul 2009

Your present two email accounts are not with Windows Mail, but with your ISP. You simply collect them using Windows Mail. You could just as easily use Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Incredimail or any other email client program.

So in fact a new account will be separate from the others, and can be still be accessed in Windows Mail if you so wish. Just create a new folder as an Inbox for that account using message rules.

  hawthorn59 02:59 10 Jul 2009

Sea urchin

I see what you mean. But the reason I dont want them in Windows mail is, I store any emails I want to keep there, so I have quite a few folders. I just think this seperate one would (even though I could have a new folder as an inbox)just get lost in the list.

But could I therefore use a different email client and collect only the email from the new account with that one? Looks like I could.

If so, what one would you recommend? One that will let me easily backup emails for transfer in the event of a new laptop some day!



  Sea Urchin 12:04 10 Jul 2009

Understood - then I would suggest using Thunderbird to set up and collect mail for your new account.

  hawthorn59 08:27 11 Jul 2009

Im running into more trouble...!

As far as I can gather, my ISP doesnt give any email accounts. I've had my current email address(es) quite a while with ISP called Ireland Online, when I was with them, on dial-up.

Unfortunately I coudnt receive their broadband in my area, so I got it from a different company caled Wireless Direct. I dont think I can have an email address with them! I still use the IOL one.

I cannot create another one with IOL, as I no longer pay them! I can create one woth the .iolfree extension but that is not what I want.

So it lookes like I may have to settle for online email, gmx.com

Is there an online email supplier (?) that I can configure for Eudora to be able to download the emails? Then I would have hard copies.

This is getting too complicated!


  Terry Brown 16:30 13 Jul 2009

You could open an Account with Heart Internet (£6 for 2 years)
This will give you up to 100 email adresses and 100mb web space.

You can either link them to your outlook mail site or access them directly from their web site ( for which you will have passeord control).

This means only you can access the email, unless you give someone else your User name and password.

  hawthorn59 17:59 15 Jul 2009

Final question....

Does Hotmail or Yahoo allow you to configure them so that your email can be retrieved via, say, Eudora or Thunderbird? Or is this overkill? Is there real danger of losing your archived emails with an online account?

thanks everyone


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