whats best to use?

  Analyst02 23:25 09 May 2004

I am going to try and learn myself web design and so go on to creating my own website!

I have just recently bought Dreamweaver MX 6 upon recommendation but have now since been told that i should of used Frontpage which i had with my office XP, as it is much easier to use.??

where to i start? shall i push on and use MX now. or start with the easier frontpage if indeed it is?

any tips and help moost appreciated.

  AcidBurn7uk 04:25 10 May 2004

I use Dreamweaver, purly because I found FrontPage to basic. I would suggest that now you have bought it, you use it. If you don't jump right in with it and just use the basi features first, you will find it a highly rewarding application!

  Taran 09:29 10 May 2004

FrontPage is superb and yes, it is far easier to use. There are certain limitations that the program has but that goes for all software in any area, not just web design.

The thing about FrontPage that many people never get beyond is the more point and click approach using the default, built in themes (templates) and its easy to get discouraged by this and other things. If you dig into the underlying tools that FrontPage has though, you find a rich development tool, easily capable of creating and managing very complex web projects. The latest version, FrontPage 2003 is an incredible program and in many ways knocks the socks off Dreamweaver.

Now, Dreamweaver is a different kettle of fish entirely. Its learning curve is comparatively steep but its output can be superb. The snobbery attached to its use in the web design world can be annoying. The amount of people I've overheard, spoken to, or read about who go off on all kinds of tangents to the effect that you aren't a 'real' web designer unless you use Dreamweaver is amazing. It is also entirely unfounded and anyone who knows the software in question would realise that FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive or even code editors like the excellent (and free) HTML Kit click here or TopStyle Pro click here all have their comparative uses.

You can't really directly compare FrontPage and Dreamweaver since the are so different, but rest assured, either one can produce excellent output in the right hands, and I'd always suggest that people get a good handle on more than one of the market leading design tools. I use both products commercially and I often use FrontPage on a variety of projects.

You will find, if you really get into this, that sometimes a project will come along and you'll automatically reach for FrontPage because, for that particular project, it is a logical and practical choice, while at other times Dreamweaver would be more appropriate. At other times I find myself using Adobe GoLive, and sometimes NetObjects Fusion, or one of several other programs.

Don't feel that you bought Dreamweaver needlessly because you've invested in one of the most potentially powerful tools currently available to modern web designers.

And at the end of the day keep this in mind: all you really need at a push is a simple text editor, but you need to know the code to usefully employ it, so the program you use is nowhere near as important as your ability to use it.

FrontPage or Dreamweaver do not automatically turn you into a web designer, they just help you get there and between them you have two of the best products on the market and both can do things that the other cannot, so you've added strength to your arm.

  Analyst02 10:57 10 May 2004

Thankyou to all 3 of you. Acidburn, Forum Memeber and Taran. 3 replies to my question that were in themselves very well put together and helped me in my dilemma.

It seems that i have 2 products that over time and with patience and learning will do what i what them to do most hansomely.

looking forward to another, and many more late nights 'getting my head around' the process.

once again thankyou.

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