whats the best software to own?

  Mad Boy 17:41 19 Jan 2003
  Mad Boy 17:41 19 Jan 2003

im doing a survey on "whats the best software to own"

Your thoughts please, also please give prices if needed.


  -pops- 17:42 19 Jan 2003

Legal, aboveboard, legitimate software.


  Elrond 17:44 19 Jan 2003

Are you after particular categories of software?

  Mad Boy 17:44 19 Jan 2003

haha, maybe ill post this somewhere else

  Mad Boy 17:51 19 Jan 2003

no, i just wanto to see what people opinions are and what software they find to be the most useful really. Not important i guess

  Gongoozler 18:07 19 Jan 2003

Mad Boy, after the operating system, I think every pc has to have an office suite, then to me the most important is a graphics package. I have CorelDraw 7. It cost an arm and a leg back in 1996, it is full of bugs, but I still find it indispensable.

  Djohn 18:16 19 Jan 2003

After the o/s, word processor, database, spreadsheet, (Don't need to be top range)dictionary, knowledge base program of some sort, Route finder, DTP, (Publisher or Serif), anti virus, PS Pro, plus any printer/scanner/CD software you require.

  misters 19:02 19 Jan 2003

I would sau after the OS a good anti virus, office suit and of course a good graphics package as mentioned serif pretty ok and not to expensive.

  Foolsbane_1 19:40 19 Jan 2003

This got me thinking and it occurred to me that, after all the obvious things such as Operating System, Browser, Email client, Anti-virus/Firewall/Security, WP, DTP etc., the software I use most -- and find most useful -- is my Password Manager, AnyPassword ( click here ).

  Roger_124 19:47 19 Jan 2003

Utilities that make life simple.

Atomic Clock Sync
Shove-it which keeps your windows on screen
Paintshop Pro

Hobby software
Guessestimator_401 to download 1901 Census data.

Palm Desktop, even i you don't have a PDA
Autoroute Express

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