Whats the best graphics card for about 100 quid?

  vaughan007 01:09 20 Apr 2004

Hello everyone,

Time to upgrade my graphics card again......It seems to have become an annual event!...I currently have a Geforce 4 TI4200 and think its time to improve.....

Anyway, whats the best card out there at the moment for about £100.

I would stretch to £150 for something that was going to be a lot better...



  byfordr 14:38 20 Apr 2004

£60 9600pro click here

£100 9600 xt

£150 9800 pro click here= £155

click here

IMHO don't mess around 9800 pro is the weapon of choice. It can be picked up for as cheap as £130 (well a few weeks ago) you won't need to replace it for years. Can cope with anything you'll throw at it.


  Totally-braindead 14:47 20 Apr 2004

I wouldn't be so sure, I managed to get a Radeon 9800 Pro for about the £130 mark and after a week of installing, reinstalling buying a new power supply and various other attempts including running through a 5 page file from Ati my computer still crashed all the time. Whether this is somehow due to the card needing its own power supply as well as the power it gets through the AGP slot, or whether there is a faulty component on the graphics card I don't know. Its true the 9800 is, if not the best certainly at the very top but looking back now I wouldn't buy one at £130 again, I'd spend the extra and get a branded card at about £70 extra. Perhaps its just because I've had so much trouble with mine that I don't like them. Anyway I've bought but not received yet a GeForce 5900 XT by MSI for about the £150 mark. Not as good a card as the Radeon I had perhaps but hopefully this'll work.

  vaughan007 15:39 20 Apr 2004

I have never got along with Radeon cards either....wierd...

I think it does have something to do with the enormous amount of power radeon cards consume.

But just for completeness...does anyone have any other suggestions other than Radeon cards...


  vaughan007 15:40 20 Apr 2004

Would the 9600pro or the 9600xt be any better than that the TI4200 128mb card I already have?

  rickimalone 15:47 20 Apr 2004

What motherboard and PSW do you have because the 9800 pro needs its own power supply so if you go with that check it first....

I went with the leadtek FX 5900XT and am getting 5200+ on 3DMark03 with an AMD643000+....ASUSK8V....1GB PC3200.........

This is why I went with the FX5900XT: click here

  vaughan007 15:58 20 Apr 2004

Yes i know the 9800pro needs its own power supply (why they ever designed it that way I will never know!)...

I was tempted by the FX5900XT...its at the top of my budget but did look like a decent card.

  siouxah1 16:06 20 Apr 2004


Have a quick peep here for some benchmark comparisons on those you are interested in.

click here

Regards Brian j

  User-312386 16:13 20 Apr 2004

for a good "future proof" card i just bought this oneclick here and guess what, NO FAN, which means no noise

its a great card

  GaT7 16:41 20 Apr 2004

click here=. You may also want to consider a 256Mb card.

  QQAA 17:51 20 Apr 2004

buying graphics card from a major reputable maker is a must in this modern era of razor-thin margins for IT products.

because of the thin margins, there is always the possibility of cutting corners by some unscrupulous makers. small, unknown, or new comers in this hugely dynamic market of graphics cards may not (have to) treasure the quality factor as much as the established players.

i don't agree that graphcis card replacement has to be a yearly affair if some reasonable foresight is employed in the decision-making process.

get a 256MB Radeon 9600 XT made by a major vendor with proven quality performance and cs supports, and you should be worry-free for a long time to come.

by the way, you might want to take a look at this recent thread of same topic click here.

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