whats the best firewall ??!!!! :D zonealarm isnt!

  theDarkness 10:24 09 Oct 2006

Ive always had problems with various versions of the zonealarm suite on xp, even on seperate machines- with ZA working absolutely fine for hrs at a time, and then out of the blue stating that it has a 'problem with the truevector service' and whilst still online switching its firewall off :(

Ive now installed Sygate firewall which is working fine so far, and have kept the ZA suite on, but only for its antivirus- as long as i make sure the ZA firewall is always off whilst also using Sygate, is this fine to use in combination?

Also any recommendations on firewall and antivirus programss would b helpful- norton seems the most popular but ive heard I cannot state which specific programs can access the net or not, like the zonealarm suite firewall does? If ZA worked properly i wouldve stuck with it as it has good features, but the truevector problems totally destroy it! searching on google im not the only one thats had the truevector issue with the firewall giving up either!.... :O lol :(

  FatboySlim71 10:47 09 Oct 2006

I went from Zonealarm as I had problems. I looked on the net and I then chose Comodo fiewall, ive used it for around 3 months now with no problems whatsoever, its not heavy on your PC's resources, also Comodo is one of only a few that passes a leak test. I highly recommend Comodo its an excellent firewall.

click here

  Belatucadrus 11:18 09 Oct 2006

click here kerio

  Input Overload 11:56 09 Oct 2006

I'm with FatboySlim71, Comodo is excellent, I tried it just out of interest & I kept it on this despite having a licence for Zone Pro. I have installed it on several friends PC's & my laptop with no problems.

  patsyanne 12:40 09 Oct 2006

And me too,i am on Comodo as Zone alarm firewall was causing me problems. I went on "shieldsup" to test Comodo and it passed all the tests. Only thing is AOL doesnt seem to think i have a firewall running .

  stylehurst 14:09 09 Oct 2006

I used Zone Alarm firewall and Norton antivirus for many years, but became disillusioned with the latest versions. As a result of this, I replaced Zone Alarm with Kerio, and Norton anti-virus with BitDefender. My machine, now runs much faster, as these programs have a much smaller system overhead.

  theDarkness 15:41 09 Oct 2006

thanks for all the info, i guess i could give comodo and/or kerio a try, mayb compare to see which runs the fastest, although that may b difficult to judge :O i was given a very old version of the sygate firewall (now owned by symantec) that seems to run pretty fast, its a fairly small prog- although im not sure if symantec now updates it, mine is currently 5.5.3055, if anyone knows...

ps ive noticed theres a free version of bitdefenders antivirus program on its official uk website- not sure if that would be a good idea or not? :)

  Technotiger 16:17 09 Oct 2006

Hi, I also recommend Kerio, I liked the free version so much I bought the full version.


  RobCharles1981 18:41 09 Oct 2006

I'm going to have a go with Commando firewall it looks good.

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