whats the best 5Gb or more mp3 player that ......

  mikefromp1 20:53 19 May 2005

Been looking in the back issues and in the stores for a MP3 player. They are some that connect to a PC so that its like an external drive, apparently, and seeing that they are 5Gb to 20Gb devices, not only could I save my favourite vynil records but I could also use it as a reuseable storage medium for video. A FM radio would be a nice bonus-making this the ideal portable music companion. Of course we are talking £150+, any recomendations


  Thatslife 21:07 19 May 2005

Got an ipod 20GB. Really happy with it. Will set you back £200+ tho.

  caast©? 21:10 19 May 2005

Look here

click here

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