whats best?

  podlod 07:45 02 Apr 2008

Hi, can you please tell me what is best for my PC health wise, to place it in stand by, or leave in hibernation, or maybe even shut down?, thanks for any help.

  LABMAN 07:58 02 Apr 2008

Hi podlod,

In this environmentaly concious day and age if your PC is not being used it realy should be switched off, I appreciate what you are asking though.

When I got a windows based PC in the laboratory at work many many years ago I was advised to leave it in standby when not using it and not switch it off, back then apparently the biggest majority of failures occured as the system powered up, systems and componets these days are so much more reliable that it's no longer the problem it was.

  Technotiger 08:33 02 Apr 2008

Hi, I agree with LABMAN, I always shut-down and switch off the PC at the end of each day, apart from my Router which stays on all the time.

My Printer, I only switch on if I intend to use it - however, once switched on the printer stays on until I shut-down at night.

  keef66 11:22 02 Apr 2008

I switch off everything each night, modem & router included.

  Technotiger 11:37 02 Apr 2008

Hi, by switching off your Router, you are effectively re-setting the router, and not allowing it to reach its full speed potential, which only occurs after several days of being switched on.

At least, that is how it was explained to me by a real expert, who's job involved these things on a daily basis.

  sunny staines 11:58 02 Apr 2008

i always run ccleaner then shut down each night.

  keef66 12:10 02 Apr 2008

we're on cable broadband; does that still apply?

I always assumed since the things generate quite a bit of heat when running, they are best switched off when not required. Thinking more of my bank balance than polar bear welfare.

  podlod 13:17 02 Apr 2008

Hi, i want to thank you for your advice, but lets forget about the green thing as my opinion is prob different to yours, and if i shut down surely its wear and tear on my drive, power etc; but in stand by or hibernation it is less stress on certain working parts?

  Technotiger 13:43 02 Apr 2008

I am only guessing/using logic here, but I don't think it applies with Cable, which is 'on' all the time anyway.

podlod ... I completely trust my good friend, the expert I mentioned earlier, having known him and his work for many years. What is good enough for him, is certainly good enough for me.

  Belatucadrus 13:49 02 Apr 2008

I have always turned my PCs off every day and never had any problems with wear and tear. The supposed expansion/contraction of soldered MOBO connections during boot is wheeled out every now and again as justification for leaving things on, but I've never encountered it at home or in the workplace, nor seen any empirical evidence that it has any real life adverse affects.
My opinion, for what it's worth, turning off not only stops me paying the electricity company for something I will not benefit from, it's also the ultimate security measure for an unattended PC.

  starfish1 02:07 03 Apr 2008

I thought the pc was turned off in hibernation mode. Am I wrong?

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