What's the average boot time?

  MickinPlymouthUK 04:02 19 Jun 2006

From switching on my PC to it being ready for action takes around 2 minutes, is that about a normal length of time?
(You know, first there are the usual clunks and whirrs from the hard drive, then the windows screen appears, then the desktop, more whirrs and clunks until the hourglass icon finally vanishes and its ready for liftoff at 2 minutes and counting..)

  wee eddie 08:17 19 Jun 2006

That that is not unusual.

It depends entirely on how many programs you have booting at start-up.

  EARLR 09:38 19 Jun 2006

I wish mine was that fast but I have a lot booting as start up.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:04 19 Jun 2006

Mine takes yonks and 2 mins is fine.


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