What's all this Internet activity?

  octal 20:22 18 Mar 2005

With all this talk of download capping I thought I'd check to see how much I use. I installed KNetload which is similar to the Windows Internet monitor, but the Linux version.

Anyway, when I'm not using the Internet, with just the desktop open I noticed there was a lot of activity going on in the background, here's a screenshot of my desktop, you can see the monitor down in the bottom right corner of the screen: click here

I did a bit of digging and run Ethereal which is a packet sniffer and this is what it found in just a few seconds: click here

I did a whois and they are all packets from my own ISP NTL.

It makes trying to gauge my download a bit of a nonsense really. I did run the Windows monitor and got exactly the same result by the way.

I expect its all probably quite normal, any ideas?

  woodchip 20:28 18 Mar 2005

If you are BB connected although not using there is activity still going on. That's why Dial-Up although slower is safer. I am on Dial-Up BT/NTL connection

  octal 20:40 18 Mar 2005

How the heck does one calculate the download with all that junk in the background? Since I've been on from about 18:00 this evening its telling me I've had 40MB of incoming traffic.

  woodchip 20:45 18 Mar 2005

To save a lot try turning of Pics so you only get text, but to me it defeats the object of having BB

  octal 20:50 18 Mar 2005

I think you missed the point, I'm not using the Internet, those pictures in my links are of my desktop, nothing open at all, no browser, no email client, no FTP client, just the desktop, firewall is blocking all ports as well.

  woodchip 20:55 18 Mar 2005

Yes but when you are connected BY BB you will still get the activity you are getting

  octal 21:11 18 Mar 2005

Agreed, I'm just surprised at the amount of activity, I knew there was some, but crickey 3 - 6 KBit/s when I'm NOT using the Internet sounds a lot to me.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else using some sort of Internet monitor if they get similar results.

By the way I'm using 300k NTL BB.

  SEASHANTY 23:35 18 Mar 2005

Don't get any activity when I am not using the PC. That's because I switch everything off - including the modem and router.

  octal 06:58 19 Mar 2005

LOL that's brightened my morning up , thanks.

Anyone else using Internet monitors and getting similar results to my first post?

  octal 17:13 19 Mar 2005

Nobody knows? I'm amazed! I may as well tick resolved then.

  octal 20:21 19 Mar 2005

I've done a bit of digging around. These packets are Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) basically its the server asking all of the computers on its network "are you there and what's your address?" seeing as the network card is connected to the network all the time its still receiving broadcast packets from the server and the network card answering it with its address, even though as far as you're concerned there's no Internet activity, this is all going on in the background unbeknown to you.

So broadband really is connected all the time!

There again, I don't suppose anyone is interested anyway, good night.

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