What is wrong with my CPU?

  CPU Magnet 11:52 09 Mar 2003

Recently I tried to overclock my CPU, through the multiplier settings on my motherboard's bios. I knew the risks, but it was only a 1.3GHz Duron. Anyway I saved the settings once I had overclocked it by 100MHz, to 1.4GHz. It restarted and there was no picture on the monitor. Anyway the motherboard is a new KT3V Ultra, which has a D Bracket. This is a card with four LEDS on it. Accor5ding to the motherboard manual, if they all shine Red then that means there is a damaged CPU or it has not been installed properly. If they shine green, then everything is normal. With my luck, offcourse, they were RED. So to begin with#, is there any way to revitalize my CPU or do I have to get a new one. My motherbaord being new can take up to AMD Athlon 2700. Can anyone tell me where on the HIGHSTREET, I can pick up a Duron chip for under fifty pounds. I dont like shopping on the net. Please note I am on a tight budget, anything cheaper thaN fifty WOULD BE WELCOMED.

  CPU Magnet 12:05 09 Mar 2003


  AMD 4 ever 12:13 09 Mar 2003

try resetting the cmos. this should sort it out. by resetting you will default it back to standard settings. I would not see any point in o/c a duron cpu. you will not notice any diff. I would rather get a low end XP CPU.

  3aspect 12:49 09 Mar 2003

Have you tried local independant shops.Up here in Scotland you can get 1.3 Durons for under £30.

click here

  Rayuk 15:35 09 Mar 2003

You can get a 1300 Duron retail for less than fifty even in PCWorld,I would look for a local dealer who should be able to fix you up with an AthlonXP 1700 or 1800+ for less than £50

  Lead 17:35 09 Mar 2003

It's highly unlikely your CPU is permanantly damaged and requires replacing. So don't panic yet. :)

If you can't even get into the BIOS to restore default settings, then do as AMD states. Check your motherboard manual for instructions on how to reset the CMOS. Usually it just involves (re)moving a 'jumper'.

Reboot, then go straight into the BIOS, select default settings and reboot again.

You should then be back into Windows and can carry on.

  CPU Magnet 21:54 09 Mar 2003

Thanks a lot guys, I tried clearing the CMOS nad guess what it bloody well worked. I am very happy. I will try and get a 1700XP chip for under fifty, if my local does them at this price. Cheers AMD 4 EVER, RASPECT, RAYUK AND LEAD. Great help.

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