what is wrong with IE8?

  SANAP 19:49 23 May 2009

I have upgraded to IE8 but it is a right pain. it slow to load, then when I try to access a web page I get the message connecting but it never loads!! There are more glitches but cant remember them for now.

Has IE8 got flaws and do I just put up with it or use a different browser?


  User-1229748 19:53 23 May 2009

if you uninstall ie8 you should revert back to what you were using before,or you could try using ie8 in compatibility mode on the sites that are slow to load and see if that makes a difference.

  Sea Urchin 19:53 23 May 2009

Why not revert to IE7 if you were happy with that. Many people are using IE8 quite happily, but many others are having problems - so you're not alone :@)

  AL47 19:54 23 May 2009

try a different browser also an option

  AL47 19:54 23 May 2009

missed that last line,

it wouldnt hurt to try

  feranm_ie8team 23:12 26 May 2009


Hi, my name’s Feran and I’m with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team.

As smackheadz suggested you can try running compatibility Mode (broken page icon next to refresh button on toolbar) or you could also try managing your add-ons. In IE go to ‘tools’ and ‘manage add-ons’ then disable/enable. Disabling any unnecessary add-ons may help you Internet run faster.

Hope this helps!

  provider 2 23:34 26 May 2009

Once loaded IE 8 runs very well, I think, and definitely faster than to open links than IE 7.

However, loading does seem to take a long time. Nothing at all seems to be happening for several seconds, then the various toolbars and favourites appear in two distinct stages.

I have Spybot (Immunised) and SpywareBlaster, which, I`m told may slow things down a bit, though I`m not sure how.

Also, pressing any of the Help buttons produces an HHCTRL (1904) event in Event Viewer and I`ve yet to find an explanation for that in the Ms knowledgebase.

  gazzaho 07:48 27 May 2009

I felt I should mention that when IE8 first became available I downloaded and installed it on my Vista machine, after installation I had a few minor problems when using it and decided to revert back to IE7.

When it became available through Windows update a month or so later I decided to give it another go and on reinstalling it I find it now runs great.

If you downloaded and installed before being offered it through Windows update it might be worth reverting to your previous version then try installing it through Windows update, I blieve it made a difference on my machine.

I've no idea if there's a difference but it might be worth trying.

  SANAP 13:26 27 May 2009

thanks for replies, I thought it was me. I'll dump it and use firefox and opera. I only need ie8 for some Ftp stuff.


  feranm_ie8team 18:26 27 May 2009


The first time you downloaded it, you may have had the beta version (still in testing stages). When you upgraded via Windows Update you got the final version of IE8.

However, that is good advice for people like Sanap who are experiencing some issues with IE8 – upgrading via Windows Update to ensure you have the final version, or trying a reinstall has also helped many people.


  chrisod 18:46 27 May 2009

i have used ie 8 for a while now and i think its really good i actually like it better than ie 7.

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