What is wrong with AOL search page????

  Sabi 14:53 30 Mar 2008


I have a problem with my SP (AOL 9) search page format!

Every time I sign on to AOL from my LAPTOP and go to "AOL Search web page" I see totally different format! I don’t know if the link bellow could show you what I mean:

click here

But when I sign on to AOL from other PCs, I see the page normal just like it should be.

I am worried if I caught something in my laptop i.e.; virus, etc.

I use windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, ZAISS (AV), which I scanned the laptop with, and didn't find anything! I have also used CCleaner and AFT-Cleaner but the problem didn’t go away

I will be grateful if anyone knows what could be wrong and how do I can fix it?

Many thanks


  realist 16:31 30 Mar 2008

I know what you mean. It's probably not your pc as my AOL search page has a mind to take on strange formats from time to time. Seems to be one of those AOL quirks. I use Google instead if it gets to be a nuisance.

  mrwoowoo 16:36 30 Mar 2008

If i click on the search icon at the top right of AOL tool bar(if thats what you mean),i get the same page as you.
Must be something to do with the set up or preferences.
Rest assured,you don't have anything malicious happening.
Concur with realist,in that i never use it,as google is sooooo much better.

  provider 2 16:51 30 Mar 2008

It may have something to do with AOL developing its own search engine, something it was rumoured they were doing before the AOL UK stuff came up.

In addition there is this new homepage, AOL 9.0VR, and the news that they will be dumping Netscape, all of which may be mysteriously connected to the erratic appearance of a different search page which is sometimes switched back to the old Google-powered one without so much as a by-your-leave.

I have the impression we are being used as testers.

  Miros 17:12 30 Mar 2008

I'm using the latest AOL 9.1 for the past few days which seems fine so far.
You can find it here:
click here

It brings up your last used pages when you log back on again. Still prefer Google on IE7 though.

  Sabi 20:52 30 Mar 2008

Thanks for all your replies;

Mrwoowoo; do you get the same page when you use search in AOL welcome page as well?? or is it just through the search on the right of AOL toll bar??

Provider 2; Yes, I noticed that too. They even had a note on their “Live Help” saying; "search page format was different" but they don't have that note in there now!
I cannot understand why I only get the inconsistent page with my Laptop and not with other PCx!!!
I agree; we might be used as testers!


  mrwoowoo 00:10 02 Apr 2008

It's the same for me,using both searches.
Using AOL 9vr and vista on my desktop.

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