What would you suggest next,?

  CR93Pete 13:56 14 Mar 2008

I have a home built PC with a Gigabyte GA7NNXP motherboard, 2x IDE HDD, CD & DVD drives, Creative sound card, AGP by ATI X1650Pro and 2GB of memory. AS per previous posting I have had some bother with this machine of late. 1st the AGP went down. 2nd it was followed by motherboard, now 3rd it appears that the HDD is on the way out. ( Seatools long test says its Good). But I have had several errors created with programs refusing to work. It demanded that Chkdsk was used, first of 4 times. Before I transfered HDD to my other machine to try and copy the drive. This it would not do, without persistant errors and falling down when copying. It contains about 30GB and when coppied the max copied was 6.85GB. As this was unsucessful I returned to the original machine to run CHKDSK C: /f /r which it did putting right many files. Then I tried repair install. Using the XP disc which only contains SP1. Perhaps should have tried harder to use the "Slipstreamed " disc with SP2 that I have used before. That was good but still didnot get Excel to work. Something not present(I wish I had recorded what ). I had previously upgraded my Office 97 via Microsoft about 3 weeks ago. Was that resposible ? I find it hard to believe that the drive is faulty but everything would point that way. As the faults persist in arriving with no real reason. I should really like to clone the drive onto another empty disc, to save the info and programs, some of which I cannot readily duplicate. I then tried to install the XP SP2 disc from your goodselves without sucess as it failed part way through the program. Repeated and same result altho didnt try to uninstall first. I can copy some info onto the Acer but not the complete drive so I think it unlikely that it will want to be cloned.
The Excel file I cannot open on the "Home" machine will open on the other so the fault must be the operating system on the HDD not on the Acer.
I would appreciate any useful comments and / or instructions on what would be the best way to het out of this problem.

  Pesala 18:39 17 Mar 2008

I would suggest rewriting your post to make it easier to understand. I took one look, and decided I haven't got time to figure out what the problem is. At least use a few paragraph breaks, but also try to be more concise.

  acein1 18:48 17 Mar 2008

yes i agreee with "pesala",far to much information to begin with, i personaly would not know where to begin to answer your questions ???

  woodchip 19:14 17 Mar 2008

Just one suggestion other than above is, Invest in Acronis True Image then you can make you "data and programs plus Operating System" Safe

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