What is the "Worst" web site?

  anchor 15:13 07 Feb 2004

A friend is doing a Web Design course at a local college, His tutor has asked for nominations for the best and worst web sites.

My friend has lots of ideas for the best, but would like suggestions for the worst.

He would appreciate any suggestions for examples of the worst?.

  Taran 15:33 07 Feb 2004

I don't want to get into this directly.

Too much potnetial for backlash...

Take a look at the excellent web usability site Web Pages That Suck click here

There is some superb information on how to get the best levels of usability into your site and also some links that will possibly satisfy your question.


  Sir Radfordin 16:29 07 Feb 2004

Was going to suggest the same site as Taran already has. There are a couple of books that go with it with some truely shocking examples of websites.

Here is one to get you going: click here (and they are webdesign company!!!)

  anchor 16:31 07 Feb 2004

Thanks Taran. I appreciate that as a professional you are in a difficult position, but some other specific examples would be much appreciated.

Perhaps someone has found a suitable really bad site.

  ddd3 17:41 07 Feb 2004

A good place to start looking is band and group websites. I wish I could remember the address, I found one that started with a Flash (Which couldn't be bypassed) that took 10 MINUTES to load on a standard modem, all the time showing a a notice which said "Please be patient. It WILL be worth it".

It wasn't.

  Talented Monkey 18:10 07 Feb 2004

Websites do not have to look visually horrendous to qualify for a bad website title. A poor navigation system, or slow loading pages contribute to negatives about the site which people will judge if it is good or not.

Certain techniques or features employed by one site may be totally inappropriate, yet on another site fits perfectly for the theme and target audience.

However there are certain aspects that contribute to any site to make it a bad one. These include Flash, Animated Gifs, background music, Splash page even worse a flash splash page, mystery meat navigation, frames, poor text such as contrast and font size, confusing hyperlink text and normal text.

I really do suggest you look at the daily sucker section on webpagesthatsuck.com it gives some truly shocking examples of bad design. Remember that a bad design dose not have to look bad.

Oh and of course personal sites should be exempt from the bad site list as they are peoples freedom to do whatever they like and use what ever they like.

  IClaudio 18:14 07 Feb 2004

I think Sir Rad found it for you... ;)

One of the worst (for different reasons) has to be Abbey National's , sorry, Abbey's. I've been using it for several years and it is not intuitive at all. You would expect Bank sites to be easy to use, but this has me tearing my hair out every time I log on.

Just one example of the hopeless programing: They don't seem to realize that a change of year comes about every January 1st, so if you have a few years of transactions, as I do, you can't see in what year each transaction took place, and you can't break them down into annual summaries. You would have thought that was pretty high on the list for inclusion!

I've had to call the Helpline on several occasions and the response is always:'Yes, we've had lots of complaints about that...' Aaahhhh!


  Forum Editor 23:20 07 Feb 2004

we're not here to name and shame anyone's web design efforts. It's too easy to do, and all of us might at some point design someone else's idea of the worst site.

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