what is a wireless network?

  blendit 23:45 29 Feb 2004

any help? a friend has it and states how good it is but i dont even know what it is

  powerless 23:47 29 Feb 2004
  AubreyS 00:10 01 Mar 2004
  Mysticnas 00:50 01 Mar 2004

it's a network without wires! :o)

When you run a normal network you need wires going from your pc to another hub/pc.

Wireless uses a wireless ariel. The hub and each pc will have to have a wireless connection. You can get wireless PCI cards for your pc, but a hub will have to be a wireless hub, you can't convert a normal hub into a wirless one.

The whole point is that i cuts the hassle out of messy networking. Say you got 3 or 4 computers and you want to network them. 1 maybe a downstairs, 2 in the bedroom etc... You can imagine all the wires trailing around the house can't you? Well with a wireless network you don't have the wires. No more metres and metres of wire going around the house!

  blendit 22:15 01 Mar 2004

thanks is there any other advantages other than lack of wires???

  powerless 22:22 01 Mar 2004


  Mysticnas 23:01 01 Mar 2004

My brother has it setup with Netgear hardware.

I'm unsure as to whether wireless is as fast as wired. I would assume it's not, you can get Gigabit LANs now.

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