What will happen if I delete it help please !!!

  Internetwhizzkid 22:22 02 Jun 2007

Please see other posts for explanations

But anyway if I was to delete a 25gb partiton what will happen to that space will it be added to my default partition of 49 GB or what else will happen to it


Basically what I want to do is make one partition of for windows that is 74gb which is the whole harddrive and not have a 25 gb one and 49

Thanks again

  STREETWORK 22:30 02 Jun 2007

Windows is using the 25gb as part of a swop file and is better left as is...

It could also be that the partition contains some re installation files if the PC did not come with a disk

  Internetwhizzkid 22:35 02 Jun 2007

no it isnt because that is 25gb from the other partition the reason being the main windows partition used to be 69GB but I used vista to shrink it to 49 hense leaving 20gb + which I then used to install linux ubuntu on.

But now that I have uninstalled ubuntu I want to get that 25gb back into the 49 to make the 69gb again if you know what i mean


  rabadubdub 22:42 02 Jun 2007

that you are using/used for partitioning should have the info you need in it's documentation.
Always a good place to start.
Good luck.


PS **WHAT other posts?**
..use cut and paste of the address

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:42 02 Jun 2007

If you delete it you lose everything in it.
it then become unallocated space
to combine it with the partition in wich windows is installed is asking for trouble if it goes wrong you lose everything.
You need third party software like partition magic 8 to acomplise the merge.

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