What will be the most beneficial to my gaming?

  Proto.UK 19:54 27 Dec 2007

Hi there, new here.

Right now my current system isnt the best for gaming, but its OK. Recently though I am feeling the need to upgrade having purchased crysis and running it looking pretty good DX9 wise, but with ok-ish framerates, at times dropping quite low. The game is brill :)

Wanting to run the latest games as best as possible in my budget im looking to upgrade to a new CPU and new Graphics card.

Current System:
2.8GHz P4
256mb 7600gt
3GB Corsair XMS2 Ram
Windows XP

At the moment I only have the budget for a one or the other, and will purchase the other when I get the money for it (but that could be quite some time).

So the choices are an: 512mb XTX 8800GT or an Intel Quad Core Q6600.

Links to Products:
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What I want to know is, what will be the most beneficial for my system gaming wise?

Eventually the system will be:
Intel Q6600
512mb XTX 8800GT
3GB Corsair XMS2 Ram
Windows Vista (last on my list, wont be getting that until at least xmas next year)

Any info is much apprectiated but please dont post unless you are sure of the advise, as we all know about the people who 'think' they know the answer.

Many Thanks


  skidzy 20:11 27 Dec 2007

Are you sure your mobo will run the Quad core ?
You havnt mentioned your mobo ?
Is your psu upto the job with these upgrades ?

Further more;

Your post;

" Any info is much apprectiated but please dont post unless you are sure of the advise, as we all know about the people who 'think' they know the answer. "

This is a free forum and anyone can advise you,then its upto you if you take this advice.

  Proto.UK 20:17 27 Dec 2007

My PSU is a 350W and Im aware that I will be needing to upgrade. Im looking at getting a 650W to run the new components.

I dont know if my mobo is up to it. Never knew that mobo had to be up to it (to be honest, bit of a tech noob).

I just thought you need the right socket, put in, wipe away thermal paste, put new layer on, put heatsink/fan back on. Away you go. Obviously I was wrong... :D

How can I find out what mobo I have or if my mobo would be up to it?

Cheers for speedy reply.

  skidzy 20:27 27 Dec 2007

Run SIW and post back the motherboard details,if a socket 478...i doubt it will run a quad core.

  skidzy 20:27 27 Dec 2007
  Meshuga 20:40 27 Dec 2007

Proto.UK, Re "Please do not reply unless you are sure you know the right answer, we all know about people who `think` they know", I consider that that comment will be offensive to some people who give up their time freely to try and help you and who may well believe that they are giving you the right answer. As skidzy has already pointed out, it is up to you to evaluate any advice given and use it, or not, as you think fit.

  [email protected] 20:55 27 Dec 2007

Your first mod may cost you nothing if your mobo supports dual channel memory and you already have 2 x 1Gb modules, as running in dual channel mode is faster than more memory in single channel mode - matched pair even better. If you can run in dual channel mode my advice would be to max your memory to a matched pair of the fastest the mobo supports.
Does your mobo support SLI mode (2 x VGA cards in parallel)? If so, this may be a cheaper option.
Your system already appears quite good but I know nothing about Crysis. I assume it's not designed for DX10 or 64 bit systems?
The secret of any build or upgrade is compatibility and this is where your research must be before deciding on what you would like to buy. You may have to change your mobo to support your intended CPU. If this is the case then you will need to know if your remaining hardware is usable to the extent it compliments and improves, which is unlikely :-(
Download and run Everest Home:
click here
This will tell you a lot about your hardware/software.
You will get a lot of help from this forum and bear in mind, anyone responding to your post is trying to help you.

  Proto.UK 21:33 27 Dec 2007

Ok, ill run that program now and see what info I get (SIW). I apologise for that comment, what I ment was dont giveme information that is false such as running in SLI is better than upgrading to a single more powerfull card (dont know if this is true or false), for example this could be true, but your giving me wrong information.

I didnt mean it offensively.

My MOBO has a 775 socket incase anyone is wondering. My mobo doesnt support SLI and it does support dual channel I think (pretty sure), I have 2 x 1gb Corsair XMS2 Ram running in dual and then another gig on its own.

  Proto.UK 21:39 27 Dec 2007

Ok heres what Ive got on the mobo section of SIW.

Manufacturer: Dell.Inc

Chipset Vendor: Intel Corporation
Chipset Model: 945G Processor to I/O Controller
South Bridge: 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller
SMBus:Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) SMBus Controller @ECE0h

Anything else you guys need?

Thanks for help


  Proto.UK 21:41 27 Dec 2007

Oh and this from the CPU section from the mobo part:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 HT
Cpu Socket: LGA775
Processor Upgrade: ZIF Socket
Max CPU Speed: 4000 MHz

  skidzy 21:59 27 Dec 2007

Looks like your ok with the cpu.

Though the psu would be the first thing to change for me.Chances are your current psu would not be big enough for the new graphics card and other hardware.

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