what was it that ate the gigabytes

  jack 11:51 13 Jan 2008

I had a lack of space warning, and thus started clearing out stuff seeclick here
This still left a tiny 2 Gb free
Do a scan disk then- all was well but sill only 2 some thing free.
So I am trawling through C drive to see what was there and came across two 'New folder' which between them has 'consumed' 27Gb
What are these then?
Open them up and they seem identical the most noticeable was the lead file ARC.
Well I thought I have backed all the data off the drive in case it was going wobbly- so no harm in getting rid.
So I did - in each case I was warned 'Too big for trash permanently delete?
Oh what the hades go for it.
So I did
Got all the space back Machine seems non the worse for it
So what was it?

  project 90 13:52 13 Jan 2008

u ran any virus scans? i havnt heard of anything like that b4 but worth a try and if working fine and u got space back nowt to worry about really.

let us know if u ever find out what it was

  VCR97 20:00 13 Jan 2008

I had something similar due, apparently, to a disc backup program dumping stuff in a temporary location before transfer to the external drive. Over 17GB in a file called C\diff_(very long number).

  woodchip 20:37 13 Jan 2008

You should be able to see what is in the new 27Gb folder, is there anything that looks like your files etc?

  Spark6 23:27 13 Jan 2008

Methinks it's something to do with those mystery phone calls! Time for the excorcist.

  octal 08:25 14 Jan 2008

Excuse my ignorance here because I know nothing about Vista, but could this be something to do with it? click here

  birdface 08:55 14 Jan 2008

Googled.click here=

  Taff™ 10:11 14 Jan 2008

At the weekend I noticed that my HDD (C Drive) had risen to 39Gb used space. I had read somewhere about System Restore in Vista consuming space so I did a Backup with Acronis and then switched off System Restore. A Reboot later and turning System Restore Back on then a manual restore point and I had saved exactly 9.5Gb - WOW!

  Demora 10:35 14 Jan 2008

When I had vista I noticed this from day 2 and 2gig would disappear daily. I left system restore ON. and then went to disk cleanup (right click 'c'/properties and then other options/system restore points. This will delete old restore points but not ie 'todays'

Back to xp now. Daughter has laptop with vista on.


  jack 10:47 14 Jan 2008

I am on XP Pro--- Octal
{I have set up a lappie on Vista for some one - I suppose one can used to it- but I wont rush]
Did the Google for Arc - download the bits - will have a play before I start putting stuff back.

Just another MS funny I guess
Thanks all

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