What virus did this?

  marty03321 12:06 31 Mar 2009

Hi all,
Recently an e mail was sent from my mailbox to all in my address book. It was trying to fool people that it was from me recommending a certain outlet.

This e mail was sent at 3.30 in the morning when my PC was turned off. I presume it is a Trojan of some sort that got into my mailing server and not my PC as I run updated versions of Spybot, Adaware and have AVG as well as the standard windows protection.

Has anyone had this too?

Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again?


  Pineman100 12:40 31 Mar 2009

There's virtually no such thing as a computer that is 100% proof against any malware. And you seem to be running a sensible combination of software.

Except that you haven't mentioned a firewall. Are you running one?

If you;re relying on the built-in Windows firewall, then (depending on which version of Windows) it may not be checking your outgoing traffic - only your incoming.

A good free firewall is Zone Alarm click here

  marty03321 14:36 31 Mar 2009

Thanks Pineman,
I'm running with Windows XP sp2. The firewall is just the windows firewall.

Will Zone Alarm run alongside the widows one? Or will I have to disable it?

  DieSse 14:43 31 Mar 2009

I'm presuming you use hotmail - because I've seen this happen to several people, all using hotmail.

Your hotmail password has been compromised - change it to a more secure one, then all should be OK.

Please confirm that it is a hotmail account you are talking about.

  marty03321 15:48 31 Mar 2009

Yes it is a Hotmail account. Thanks for your info. Most appreciated.

  mfletch 16:46 31 Mar 2009

If you decide to use Zone Alarms firewall you will need to turn off the Windows firewall {only have one running}

  Pineman100 18:03 31 Mar 2009

It would be a good plan to use a better firewall than the Windows one. In XP it offers no pretection whatsoever for outgoing traffic.

As mfletch says, make sure you switch off the Windows firewall when you run Zone Alarm - or any other. You should only ever have one AV and firewall running at a time.

  Pineman100 18:03 31 Mar 2009

pretection = protection!

  marty03321 10:03 01 Apr 2009

Thanks everyone for your advise.

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