what is virtual memory

  nickyjane 23:02 09 May 2008

Hi Guys

Have a message on PC telling me that I'm low on virtual memory, what is it and how do I sort it out


  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:04 09 May 2008

Virtual memory is when your computer uses hard drive space as RAM.

If you have insufficient RAM then your OS will use the virtual memory.

I haven't used windows for a while, but I think you need to right click my computer and choose properties and its somewhere in there

  ^wave^ 23:05 09 May 2008

virtual memory is on your hard drive windows uses it when main memory is full so first cheeck how much free space on your drive and its possible a reboot will fix it

  Devil Fish 23:10 09 May 2008

what operating system are you using

  nickyjane 23:21 09 May 2008

Im on XP Home

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:26 09 May 2008

I actually managed to forget that I am on my laptop using XP (doh)

Right click my computer, select properties, advanced, click settings under performance, click advanced, click change under virtual memory.

I think the guideline is 1.5x amount of RAM or is it 50% of RAM, dunno but you can increae it there

  Devil Fish 23:30 09 May 2008

Tasslehoff Burrf

you are correct general concensus is 1.5X the system ram

  nickyjane 23:38 09 May 2008

Sorted. thanks guys

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