What is the use of putting in links in a website

  geek84 07:50 05 Feb 2014

Goods Morning folks

I have seen numerous business & self employed websites which has links to other websites for more or further information on the subject under discussion. What is the point of that?

Aren't they just advertising the other website for free or is their anything to be gained from putting the link to it?


  woodchip 11:17 05 Feb 2014

They may be pointing to a broader answer to the question posed on the main site

  lotvic 21:02 05 Feb 2014

Depends on the content and Copyright laws, you can't just paste info in and not give the source. If everyone did copy&paste of all info the Internet servers would soon end up bloated with repeats of same info and grind to a halt.

Q. How many sets of the same reference books does a library need to cater for it's customers?

A. One set for all to access.

  Forum Editor 23:22 05 Feb 2014

This is a big subject, but in essence it helps build traffic on a website if you can do what's called reciprocal linking. You put a link to site A on your site, and it has a link to your site. One of the ways Google uses to rank a site in search returns is by looking at the number of inbound links to it.

That said, if you sell purple dog food there's not much point in linking to other sellers. Your link might be to a site selling purple dog food bowls.

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