What to use, Power or Battery??

  alya 07:27 01 Nov 2006

i just got a laptop and someone told me that to avoid overcharging my laptop i should plug it to the power then after the battery is fully charged, i should unplug the power and use the battery and once the battery is finished, i should plug it back. it sounds like a hassle but i was told that its good for the laptop..........is that true? please help!

  Field Division 07:41 01 Nov 2006

Yes this is standard procedure for battery care,wot laptop do you have?

  alya 07:49 01 Nov 2006

i have an HP Notebook

  Danoh 08:59 01 Nov 2006

I've always done that with nearly 10 laptops I've had so far. A few colleagues had complained about their battery's capacity in the past but I have not had their problems with the same make and model.

Often, if I know I will be at the same desk all day, I would remove the battery and just leave the mains plugged in. Rechargeable batteries all have a large but still finite number of charge/discharge cycles before they need replacing.

  wee eddie 08:59 01 Nov 2006

It is frequently said that batteries are only good for a certain number of recharges. Not a specific number of times, you understand, but that they deteriorate, a little bit, every time that they are re-charged.

I am told that most laptops cut out the charger when the battery is fully charged. If that is correct then it is safe to leave it on the mains whenever it is not away from base.

Personally I take the Transformer with me and plug in when I get to the other end, as the 90 minutes, or so, that I get from the battery will never cover the 4 to 8 hours I need during the day away.

  Strawballs 12:05 01 Nov 2006

You can take the battery out and just us the power supply.

  johndrew 12:27 01 Nov 2006

Batteries will deteriorate over time as they are chemical in function.

General rule for good battery life and performance is to give a new battery a long charge followed by good use to discharge. This cycle should be repeated a few times. It is always worthwhile removing the battery from the laptop a couple of times a year and cleaning the contacts of both battery and laptop. be careful not to short the battery out and ensure the laptop ias not connected to the mains when doing this.

Batteries `left on the shelf` generally will not last any longer than those used continually.

Found most of this online and in these forums.

  Danoh 13:51 01 Nov 2006

johndrew; did not realise that reducing charge/discharge cycles would not prolong a battery's life. Would appreciate any links to any items covering this, if you have them still. Thanks in anticipation!

  johndrew 14:33 01 Nov 2006

It was in one of these somewhere click here but I hit upon it by chance and can`t remember which one!!! Sorry.

Basically (if memory serves me correctly) the article said that you should store new batteries discharged and that once a battery has been charged the clock ticks due to its chemistry.

  Danoh 15:26 01 Nov 2006

Thanks johndew! Did not realise the key differences in recommendations for Lithium Ion batteries! click here
> do not discharge totally
> store at circa 40% charged, preferably at colder temperatures (stabilise back to room temp before use)
Very useful!

  Danoh 15:32 01 Nov 2006

sorry, meant to add this link click here

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