what to use for downloads??

  pcrob19 23:32 23 Dec 2007

hello people i have a few issues that are bothering me the first 1 is what is the best to use for downloading eg kazaa limewire etc i download all sorts of things music, videos etc the second one is i recently downloaded limewire and although it has not affected my computer that bad it has nothing but bring up pop up after pop up and im supposed to have a pop up blocker but thats not working so well now any1 with any pc knowledge would say just delete limewwire which i have done however now it still brings up pop ups so could some1 please help me on this either reply to post or email me at [email protected] emails would be preffered..

  RobCharles1981 23:45 23 Dec 2007

For starters don't post your email address.

  mammak 23:46 23 Dec 2007

Firstly publishing your private email on on a public forum is not a good idea really!

If you are paying for your music then fine someone may be able to help,
if not then I am afraid it is not something we discuss on forum sorry.

  MCE2K5 23:49 23 Dec 2007

"For starters don't post your email address"

I was going to say that, But I have been Ticked off once today, So I Didn't do it.

  RobCharles1981 23:55 23 Dec 2007


  p;3 05:15 24 Dec 2007

have asked the FE to remove your e mail addy although on a public forum it may now be too late to prevent you from getting spammed

you may wish to tell us which antivirus and other protection you have on board and when last fully updated; also you probably are now infected due to your computer practices of use of file sharing (p2P stuff)(limewire etc)

you may wish to get the computer checked out at one of the specialist forums such as

click here

click here

click here

but make sure you read carefully the forum rules of whichever site you choose and post for help on only ONE of them;;be pre-warned that many specialsit help forums now will NOT help to clean up when the infection is from dodgy or illegal file sharing

as they say, do you have your original computer CD and licence key to hand and have you backed up all your important information ; good luck with getting cleaned

  Forum Editor 08:19 24 Dec 2007

to publish your email address, as you've already been told, and we don't edit posts because of time constraints, so we'll leave things as they are.

It's illegal to use P2P networks to download music or film files that are copyright-protected, as I'm sure you are aware, and I'm afraid we can't offer any advice that will help you to do it.

As far as your computer problem is concerned, I suggest that you take the advice offered by p;3, and visit a forum that specialises in Malware removal. You may get help there, but heed the warning that many of these forums will not help people who are in trouble because of illegal file-sharing or downloading.

  FatboySlim71 09:09 24 Dec 2007

I wouldn't touch Limewire with the proverbial barge pole. I knew someone who had used this and the VAST amount of material on Limewire was infected with some form of nasty. The best advice would be to un-install it and steer clear of it in the future.

I agree about following the advice of p;3. If you have ALL THE DISCS THAT COME WITH YOUR COMPUTER, i.e. Windows XP/Vista discs, driver discs etc and you have backed up all the other work/programs on your computer, then if all removal suggestions/methods fail then it might be an idea to wipe your computer and start afresh with a fresh install of Windows, but try all the suggestions that p;3 has mentioned first. Good luck with getting your computer cleared up!

  p;3 12:17 24 Dec 2007

you may wish to read these from various sites
click here
click here
click here

and, as Sod's Law would have it, I cannot as yet locate the more-specific item that gives a very good explanation as to why helpers may refuse to help you where illegal downloading of music and other copyright stuff is evident ; be also advised that helpers can see in the tools they ask you to use whether everything on your system is legal or not and they may well(most likely will) refuse to help you if you have obtained anything by anything other than legal methods

may we suggest you go TO one of the sites listed and get them to see if you can be cleaned?

  rawprawn 12:25 24 Dec 2007

Try running SuperAntispyware
click here
it may help with the pop up problem.

  p;3 13:15 24 Dec 2007

just to help you clean up a bit more if the computer will let you fully update and run

click here
and the free version of
click here

however me thinks NONE of these replies are what you are wanting to hear?

let me add to the woes; a comp ( not mine )I recently tried to clean FROM an infection with stuff via limewire and other P2P stuff was so badly screwed up that an expensive reformat and reinstallation of windows was the only way forward ; so be warned

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