What is a USB/Ethernet ADSL Router used for??

  AngeTheHippy 16:24 02 Jun 2009

Aft'nioon chaps,
Stupid question I expect, but wld like to know the answer. OK then - an elderley neighbour of mine has recently been having problems connecting (b/band)during the past couple of weeks during the evenings. She phoned her provider and they could see on their stats that the connection had been dropping/non existant during evening use. She currently uses a Speedtouch 330 modem - they know this, and they suggested they send her a Thomson ST536v6 USB/Ethernet ADSL Router - which they have done. Once it's set up and working, she has 30 days to accept or return to them.

Can anyone tell me please, whether this is likely to remedy the situation or are they just mis-selling? I have a spare Netgear DG834G wireless router and am tempted to take that around and try it out. Pls could someone advise whether this would be worthwhile? She's been with this provider for > 2 years and no previous problems.



  T I M B O 16:28 02 Jun 2009

Am i to assume that the connection is working Fine during off peek times? and bad connection during the evening (Peek period) if this is the case, then i see no reason why a new router/modem will make much diffrence, do you?

Who is the internet service provider?

  AngeTheHippy 16:39 02 Jun 2009

Exactly!! It work OK during the daytime, we live quite rurally, but it sounds to me it's because as we all know - 6-11pm is peek surfing time, and I think THATS why she's having probs connecting. I changed my provider a few months back to the Post office - not only has my connection jumped from 512 to an average 1.3 (one memorable occassion 1.5mb!!!) but ***so far*** I haven't managed NOT to be online - I have wireless router with 1 pc & 2 laptops connected.

She's with Eclipse (I left them about 2 years ago)internet.


  iscanut 16:40 02 Jun 2009

I would most certainly try your Netgear router first which I hope will help you to decide what to do next. I would have thought that if there is a connection problem as TIMBO says, a router will produce the same results as when using the Speedtouch modem.

  iscanut 16:42 02 Jun 2009

I am with Eclipse and have been for years. My average speed is between 3 & 5 Mb so I have no complaints ( I use the Netgear DG834G)

  AngeTheHippy 16:48 02 Jun 2009

I had no complaints connection-wise with Eclipse either - it was a dispute re. introducing new customers to Eclipse that decided me to leave them. HOWEVER, the Post Office (new IP) have given excellent service **so far** - but then, look for reviews for the PO IP and you'll find for every good review is a couple of bad ones - as is the case for EVERY IP I read reviews of.

Yes, I'll try out my Netgear wireless - may as well, not loosing anything are we.



  T I M B O 16:49 02 Jun 2009

All i can say at this point is, that the isp is being paid to deliver a continus/stable connection. if the isp can not deliver then they will have to do what they can to supply a stable connection AT NO FURTHER COST TO YOU !!! So it's down to the isp to get this sorted.

  AngeTheHippy 16:57 02 Jun 2009

Sadly, all the providers in this country seem to be a law unto themselves. It's up to us poor s**s to PROVE they aren't providing a stable connection.. not easy me thinks. They'll answer all kinds of technical jargon that us lesser mortals don't understand. They are the ALL KNOWING ones ..


  T I M B O 17:48 02 Jun 2009

They know what u do and when u do it or even when you break wind. If you have been with them beyond the contract ask them for the migration code, that might make them jump!! lol

  AngeTheHippy 18:54 02 Jun 2009

Yeah - if it was mine, I WOULD leave 'em! Been around for a chat, and I'll just take my Netgear around and she can use it over a few days. IF it helps, and I really can't seeing that it will, she's lost nothing.

I'll tell ya what happens, although I won't be going round until next week now.


  Stuartli 20:38 02 Jun 2009

Normally a modem router will provide a superior connection speed compared to a USN modem.

I recently used a spare Speedtouch 330 in place of my (wired) Safecom modem router for a day and it delivered a maximum connection speed of 5.4Mb, well down on the Safecom's 6.5Mb to 7.3Mb speeds.

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