What Uninstall Software?

  hawthorn59 05:33 04 Nov 2006

Does anyone know a programme (free or pay) for uninstalling software/programmes? I used to ahve Cleansweep then it became part of Norton System Works, but Im moving away from that now. However I found Cleansweep very good, it removed any programme. Dont say use Add & Remove because half the stuff doesnt get listed so it doesnt remove most programmes.



  Clint2 06:40 04 Nov 2006

Total Uninstall click here

  ened 06:42 04 Nov 2006

"Dont say use Add & Remove "

I have always found this perfectly adequate and many others can mess up your machine.

Maybe I'm not using them properly but it would be interesting to see what people think.

  €dstowe 06:46 04 Nov 2006

Lots of programs now come with their own un-install utility. This would be the method of choice for me as the creator of the program is the best one to know how to remove it. Sometimes the un-install is with the program on your computer but remain on the installation disk.

I'm always very careful about what I install on to a computer. I only install things that I know I want and before I install anything at all I make a backup of my system AND make a restore point. This way I know that if the program is not what I thought it was or is defective, I can easily clear out all traces of it.

  AndySD 07:05 04 Nov 2006

Ccleaner click here

  hawthorn59 01:54 05 Nov 2006

Yes I know a lot of software has uninstall programmes, but not all. And i have found that when I went to uninstall some programmes in the past that they were not listed in add/remove, so therefore I couldnt use that.

I never had a problem with Cleansweep, it ALWAYS listed the programme I wanted to get rid of!

Anyway thanks for the links, I will have a look at those.


  laurie53 10:19 05 Nov 2006

I agree with thehill. I find I use the uninstall option, or "add/remove" and then use Cleansweep to get rid of the dross that's still left.

I also mourn the demise of Cleansweep


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