what is uniblue driver scanner- worth having?

  buel 20:59 04 Apr 2011

Hi, my friend has the above program installed on his computer, is it worth it?
I believe it's not free either?

  Nontek 21:16 04 Apr 2011

You are correct, it is not free. My purely personal opinion is, that it is not needed. Updating drivers is not always a good option, so-called improvements are not necessarily better than previous versions.

I would only update drivers in the event of having a problem with any particular driver(s).

  birdface 00:21 05 Apr 2011

My own view of uniblue products are they are not very good.
I certainly would not pay for it.
Look for customer reviews and see what they say.

  birdface 00:24 05 Apr 2011

Some reviews for Uniblue.

click here

  Taff™ 08:05 05 Apr 2011

IMHO - Uniblue isn`t worth paying for. Like Nontek I Take the view that if a device is working fine why update the driver? I remember audio driver updates issued via MS Updates that promptly stopped the sound working.

I`m afraid a lot of people download these freebies, driver update or backup utilities, registry cleaners and "tweaking" software - often several of each that claim do the same job. They get impressed by all the "improvements" made to their system and even if they buy the program eventually it ends up at my door to put right.

I have a list of programs that I trust in the hands of "Non - techies" that are often recommended on this forum - CCleaner being at the top. The rest I eventually persuade people to leave alone!

  buel 13:10 05 Apr 2011

Thank you all.
Taff, thank you to you too, i sympathise totally with you, i gave my friend his pc back 18 months ago with Ccleaner, avg, s.antispyware, defraggler+malwarebytes with a note explaining EXACTLY how to update+run the scans and how often+at the bottom of the note i put 'Please please please do this+i wont have to see your computer again'.
He gave it me back yesterday+the avg update+scan had never been run in 18 months. Apparently his gf thought it wise not to follow my instructions+to go with the Microsoft scanner instead, 'essentials' is it? Looks like a castle in the bottom right hand corner?
Anyway, im quite angry about this, to say the least.
The pc is now incredibly slow.
Do you think an update of AVG and scan will resolve this?

  Nontek 17:54 05 Apr 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good alternative to AVG - together with all your quoted software.

No I don't think a scan with AVG will cure the slowness.

Ccleaner should help in that respect.

  Woolwell 19:51 05 Apr 2011

If AVG and MSE are running together that can cause problems. Are you sure that the castle isn't Windows Defender?

  buel 07:32 06 Apr 2011

Hi Woolwell,
I think you may be correct there, it turns blue when it's updated, would that be it?

  Woolwell 12:04 06 Apr 2011

That sounds more like MSE. Hope there isn't 2 anti-virus running.

  buel 20:28 07 Apr 2011

Hi, i've uninstalled the MSE, and installed AVG (which took over an hour being as the computer is so slow) and when i try to start AVG the AVG window wont appear.
I then went into safe mode and still i cant get AVG to appear and the computer is incredibly slow. When i go to the Task Manager msmpeng.exe seems to be taking up a lot of processor usage and when i end the process it just restarts again?

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