What type of RAM?

  BRFCIDB 17:29 07 Feb 2008

Just got a new pc with 2GB and I have bought another 2x1gb to upgrade to 4gb. Question is what are the different types of RAM?

The one in the PC I am not sure about (not yet unboxed) the additional type is Value Select
iGB 667MHz PC2-5300, it was only £36 from CCL for 2x1GB.

Question is this good enough, or will I not see full benefits of 4GB with "cheap" RAM?

Is this better?

£17.86 ex VAT, £20.99 inc VAT
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  wee eddie 18:55 07 Feb 2008

but you may have wasted your money. You can't just bung any old RAM into a Mother Board they are quite choosy.

Of course it may be compatible but the odds are not in your favour.

  Technotiger 19:09 07 Feb 2008

If you are using XP it will not be able to use 4Gb RAM.

  Technotiger 19:10 07 Feb 2008

Run the scan at click here this will tell you what RAM and how much, you can use.

  Technotiger 19:12 07 Feb 2008

Vista also has problems with 4Gb RAM.

  Totally-braindead 20:00 07 Feb 2008

I'm afraid wee eddie is right, unless you are very lucky the chances are it won't work.

  BRFCIDB 19:45 10 Feb 2008

wee eddie

Sorry but I don't understand.............. I bought a PC from CCL and asked them if I could upgrade the RAM to 4gb from 2gb. Yes they said no problem, and he passed me 2x 1gb.

Are you saying that this will not work?

If this is the case then what type would I need?

Thanks for your advise


  Totally-braindead 23:34 10 Feb 2008

If CCL sold you the computer and CCL sold you the RAM and it doesn't work then take it back.

The RAM depends on the motherboard and the processor speed.

  tullie 23:42 10 Feb 2008

Of course,as CCL said,you can install that much RAM,but that much is no good to you, think even Vista can use only recognise 3gigs?

  mrwoowoo 00:18 11 Feb 2008

Vista can see 4gig(total)ram.
It takes all memory into account such as the memory on your graphics card which will come off the total.
I have 4 gig installed and vista sees it as 3.25gig as the rest is taken up by the graphics card and hardware,so there is a slight benifit.
Your 4gig should be fine although 2x2gig sticks run better than 4 x 1 gig.

  wee eddie 10:47 11 Feb 2008

I misread your original Posting.

I did not understand that you purchased the RAM from those that made the PC.

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