what type of paper do they use in real dvd covers

  cheerup347 20:04 08 Dec 2005


what type of paper is it that they use in th real dvd covers?

i have access to an inkjet and laser prionter but i need to print off some dvd covers. which paper is near enought he paper they use ion reall dvd's?


please reply soon

  €dstowe 20:16 08 Dec 2005

The printing process used in commercial DVD covers cannot be imitated by the usual SOHO inkjet or laser type printers.

To get a cover that is as good, and possibly higher, quality than commercial covers try using a light weight inkjet photo paper (in an inkjet printer, of course).

  cheerup347 20:27 08 Dec 2005

i thought lasr printers were better quality printers....????

  €dstowe 22:06 08 Dec 2005

Note I wrote "inkjet photo paper (in an inkjet printer, of course)". Putting inkjet photo paper into a laser printer will most likely result in a very large outlay of money to repair/replace the printer.

If you can get lightweight laser photo paper, by all means use it.

I don't agree that low cost laser printers are necessarily better quality than inkjets for printing in colour.

  woodchip 22:14 08 Dec 2005

Reading between the lines of this post, I smell Pirate copying

  Carbonara 22:28 08 Dec 2005

One can smell all one wants, committing it to print is odious.

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