What type of ear phones shall I buy?

  geek84 11:44 14 Mar 2011

Hi folks

I want to watch films on my desktop.

I have got external speakers but I don't hear what they are saying, when watching the films. I know the speakers are working fine, since I can hear sound when watching bbc iplayer etc.

So, do you think I should buy earphones in order to listen to these films? If so, could you recommend any?

Thank You.

  Clapton is God 13:31 14 Mar 2011

I wouldn't recommend any "ear phones" but I would recommend headphones which will give you a much more 'professional' sound quality and can also be used when listening to Hi-Fi (radio/CDs etc).

  Kevscar1 15:22 14 Mar 2011

Steelseries do a range of USB headphones with a built in sound card to give surround sound.
Strange you get sound from iplayer but not from films. What app are you using have you chceked to see if sound is muted on it.

  wee eddie 21:54 14 Mar 2011

is that you can have it as loud as you wish and the rest of the world is none the wiser.

Much better than ear plugs, you can spend anything from £5 to £200. In my opinion, spending £5 is a waste of money but the range £25 to £50 should buy you quality that exceeds almost all normal PC, Surround Sound, Systems.

By the By. Don't waste money on Surround Sound Head Sets. Your ears are not built to tell you where the sound in coming from. Turning your head slightly, your brain, and possibly, the hairs on the back of your neck, tell you when a sound is coming from behind you.

  wee eddie 22:25 14 Mar 2011

click here

Even though they plug the brands they sell, the advice is sound and will point you in the right direction.

I have a pair of Koss Open Backed phones. I have no idea what they would cost now but I paid £18 for them in the mid 70's. They're light, fit comfortably and are great for Movies on the PC and well as the Heavy Rock that I grew up with.

I'm also something of a Guitar fanatic and they handle Julian Bream's finger work superbly.

Get a half decent set and they'll be with you for life.

  [email protected] 02:09 15 Mar 2011

If your sound card driver has an equalizer option, you may find it easier to understand the dialogue if you change this so that the upper frequencies come through louder than the lower ones. In fact there is usually a preset level optimised for vocals.

  abbott8 16:41 16 Mar 2011

if you can go into one of the big electrical retailers and try different ones for comfort then search for them at the cheapest price on the web, but if you can, ask the store if you can listen to something so as to get an idea of their sound quality.

  AL47 23:38 18 Mar 2011

ive got a lovely pair of denon ah-d2000

review here

click here

fab! and very very comfy!

  AL47 23:42 18 Mar 2011

ps, at the pc i always use these over my ultimate ears tf 10, just because they are way more comfortable [the tf 10s are in ear earphones]

click here

  Chris the Ancient 11:39 19 Mar 2011

I bought, a few months ago, a pair of Senheisser HD201 headphones. Light and comfortable with very little sound leakage.

I'm happy with them. As are plenty of others in the reviews click here

  STREETWORK 12:25 19 Mar 2011

MISCO have some good deals on at the moment...

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