What is a TTL

  EmBeZzLeR 13:10 28 May 2003

same as title

  EmBeZzLeR 13:12 28 May 2003

i know this... it's time to live... :-s

  -pops- 13:13 28 May 2003

It's a type of integrated circuit.

Bit old fashioned now but they are, if my menory is not failing, those little black rectangular things with load of "legs" either side - electronic centipedes.


  BigMoFoT 14:52 28 May 2003

Don't you get a time to live rating whilst pinging? Doesn't that rating refer to the time taken for the ping?

  -pops- 14:55 28 May 2003

Pardon me?

  graham√ 15:04 28 May 2003

Transistor-transistor logic

  BigMoFoT 15:12 28 May 2003

TTL = Time To Live in terms of pinging an IP address

Transistor Transistor Logic as you astutley mentioned may also be an acronym of TTL - but in terms of pinging an IP?

Or have I lost it?

  recap 15:21 28 May 2003

It depends on the context of TTL. With DNS it is how long the DNS server will cache name resoultion data. TTL is expressed as days:hours:minutes:seconds.

  BigMoFoT 15:26 28 May 2003

Cool - so in a PC forum what other context could it be?

  recap 15:40 28 May 2003

BigMoFoT, TTL with pinging is correct, I think the TTL is measured in milliseconds.

  RobbieRoberts 15:42 28 May 2003

This is a photographic term which stands for Through The Lens and applies to:-
1) Focusing the lens by means of either a waist level or pentaprism finder. This also serves to give a more accurate idea as to what is going to appear on the film.
2) The exposure reading cna also be taken this way way too.

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