will1 13:22 04 Nov 2005

I'm very likeley to be reinstalling my Windows XP.

What is vital that needs to be backed up?

C: Drivers?

Personal files

Any Windows files?

I have a Mesh Matrix Titan


  €dstowe 13:25 04 Nov 2005

Intrinsic in Windows XP is the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard which is specifically intended for people who are doing what you're doing.

Have a look in Help & Support in your present setup and it will give suggestions of what to save and details of how to do it.

  jack 13:39 04 Nov 2005

Just as €dstowe says
Essentially it is your personal data - documents/images/music/ Internet and E-mail settings and contents.
Dont concern your self with programs, these have to be re installed after windows has completed.
If you have downloaded extra items such as driver up dates and software- poke these in a folder too.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:53 04 Nov 2005

Personal data, favourites, email addresses and any important emails + drivers.


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