what temperature is too much?

  Bailey08787 17:49 23 Apr 2003

what temperature should i really stop using my pc and invest in a cooler case?

  STEVE71163 18:30 23 Apr 2003

It depends on what processor you are using. Amd tend to run a bit hotter than Intel. I run a Amd xp2000 and my cpu is 48c and my system temp is 28c but the air temperature is quite warm this afternoon. If its a p4 it will clock down if it gets to hot.

  Bailey08787 18:38 23 Apr 2003

i have a pe 1.8, and a geforce4 ti 4400 gpu

my processor is running at 42, and my sytstem at 43.

although im doing nothing with it right now - if i were to play a game, my pc turns into a little sauna - and i fear it dying v.soon :-(

  Bailey08787 18:39 23 Apr 2003

is what i meant

  -pops- 18:45 23 Apr 2003

Modern processors shut themselves down before there is a danger of them dying. If that happens, you know that you should do something.

The temperature you quote would be considered as low by many people. What is the temp. reached when you star to get worried?


  STEVE71163 18:47 23 Apr 2003

p4s clock down so no damage would be done!

  Bailey08787 18:51 23 Apr 2003

i'm more concerned about my gpu - which i have just taken the fan off, and added the zalman ZM80AHP cooler. The removal of the original fans seem to have added to the temps in the case, and thus, everything is getting hot.

i'm not sure how to measure the gpu temp

  STEVE71163 18:54 23 Apr 2003

If it was me i would replace the original fan!

  powerless 18:54 23 Apr 2003

Do you have a case fan?

  Bailey08787 19:05 23 Apr 2003


i just have the fan from the power supply, and the processor fan.

i took the gpu fan off as it was so noisy

  -pops- 19:10 23 Apr 2003

I strongly suggest that you should give urgent attention to removing the hot air from the case and not just sending it round and round inside.

Get at least one case fan drawing air out of the case on a level with the CPU at the back. You would be better with a fan blowing air into the case from the front at the bottom.

There should already be fixings for you to do this.


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